Traveling in Monsoon Can Be Fun If You Take Precautions

Kedarnath Rain 2Monsoon has already hit the Kerala coast and drenched the entire state with the first monsoon showers of the year. Kannur has received 29 cm rainfall in 24 hours. Within a month, two-third of India will be under much awaited monsoon rains. Definitely, it is going to bring respite from the scorching sun and incessant heat waves that have remained in full force for the last two months.

Monsoon is a great time to travel as most of the places are deserted, airfares are cheaper, and bargain rates are up for grabs. It brings in a kind of freshness in the air and introduces cloud-speckled skies. The earth adorns a renewed look. Plants and vegetation get a new lease of life. The greenery all around becomes more gratifying to senses. This is the time when you may go out on a holiday to enjoy the sight of tickling waters through the leaves, creepers, delicate branches and stems; or just simply witness the romance of nature in the wilderness. But there’s a flip side of the story as well.

Traveling and holidaying become a difficult task when it pours. However, adhering to simple rules and following a few things can help you enjoy the scintillating season and bestow yourself with a perfect monsoon holiday.

Rule 1: Always carry an umbrella. This will help you get rid of disastrous outcomes during monsoons. During this time of the years, winds can be nasty especially in coastal areas. So make sure you have a robust umbrella which can withstand against strong monsoonal winds. Alternatively, you may also choose to have a raincoat, which is a better option in case you don’t want to engage your one hand in just carrying the umbrella. Long trench style coats work best.

Rule 2: Wear water-proof shoes. This will be an added advantage if you are looking forward to tread in the rain and water-logged streets. Flip-flops could be a great option if you are planning to remain indoors.

Rule 3: Prefer shorts over full-pants. Knee length pants in dark colors will disguise from wetness and dirt. Further, it would be fantastic if you decide on short pants. You will not have to worry about getting them wet by rain.

Rule 4: Carry a first aid box. The fist aid box must contain disinfectant scrubs, bandages, band-aid, scissors, and medicated cotton.

Rule 5: Carry a hairdryer. It may sound weird but it works wonder when get drenched from head to toe. It can help you avoid catching a cold from wet hair and dry your inner-wears quickly.

Rule 6: Protect yourself from water-born diseases. Rainy season is ideal for the breeding of parasites, bacteria and notorious malaria mosquitoes. Therefore, it would be advisable if you carry a mosquito net or a repellent to protect from deadly mosquito bites. You may also carry a bug spray.

Rule 7: Be cautious what and where you are eating. Carry own water bottle regardless of where you are traveling India.

Rule 8: Keep a waterproof backpack. In case you are caught in the rain you can use it to carry a change of clothes and emergency items such as tickets and passport. If you want to avoid rain and its vagaries, and also want to enjoy the reduced rates in the season, you may visit the places which receive lesser rainfall as compared to Kerala, West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, and other coastal areas which observe heavy rainfall during the season. Cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, and regions such as Rajasthan, the Deccan Plateau, and other North Western States which receive lesser rainfall during the southwest monsoon would be good options for traveling.


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