Top 7 Places to Travel in Spain

A guest post by Ruth Anoya

Spain is widely considered by many Europeans and global visitors as Europe’s lavish and beloved playground. This Iberian country, well-renowned for its rich culture, lively atmosphere and wonderful weather is one of the world’s major tourist destinations. From the beaches of Ibiza and all the way to its capital in Madrid, Spain is full of mesmerizing sights and scenes that will leave any visitors to its shores always coming back for more.

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Here is a list of the top 7 places to travel in Spain:




If the country of Spain as a whole serves as Europe’s playground, Barcelona is where all the cool-kids play. Barcelona is the capital city of the Spanish autonomous region of Catalonia. It is most famous for its wonderful, sunny beaches; its football side, FC Barcelona; and the Minor basilica of Sagrada Familia, the international symbol of Barcelona.




Ibiza is the Spanish Island in the Mediterranean that has earned a reputation as an essential party island. The nightlife and club scene in Ibiza are completely unrivaled. Famous nightclubs like Pacha and Space are world-renowned for bringing in the biggest music acts in the world and hosting legendary parties that often even go on for days.


Malaga is located in the autonomous region of Andalusia, a region that very much serves as a throwback to Spain’s Moorish past. Malaga in its cultural richness stands as homage to a modern city with Roman, Gothic and Moorish roots. Visitors to Malaga can expect to find a breathtaking landscape that is full of the architectural masterpieces that speak to its colorful past. Malaga is also the birthplace of famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.


Madrid is Spain’s capital city and home to its royal family. It serves as the center that holds Spain together. Madrid is also the European city with the highest number of trees and greenery. Its two biggest football sides are Atletico Madrid and the world-famous Real Madrid.


In the Andalusian region is the city of Seville, one of Spain’s closest cities to Morocco, and another reminder of Spain’s Moorish history. Sights and attractions in Seville include the famous Giralda Tower, a minaret from a previously existing mosque, which has since been converted to a clock tower for the now existing cathedral. Seville is famous for its bitter Seville oranges that go into making Seville orange marmalade.


Vigo, close to the border with Portugal is the most populous city in the autonomous region of Galicia. The city of Vigo offers tourists world-class museums, of which the Museum of Contemporary Art is the most important. It hosts regular exhibitions of contemporary art.


Mallorca is another one of Spain’s Mediterranean Sea Islands. It is the largest of all the Spanish islands in the Mediterranean. Mallorca is famous for providing a setting to the works of many celebrated authors and artists. Authors and authoresses like Agatha Christie, George Sand and Joan Miro. Mallorca is also home to the Marivent Palace, where members of the Spanish Royal Family spend their summers.


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