A Parkside Boutique Hotel: Avonmore on the Park

This spring I had the amazing opportunity to visit a seminar held at the University of New South Wales. I don’t often spend time on Australia’s east coast, but this is something I feel I ought to change.

Sydney in particular was a great place to stay, the Rocks in particular were a great place to spend free time. I had a lager at the Fortune of War, the oldest pub on the continent (or at least one of the two oldest, there is some dispute in this territory). The seminar was fascinating, but that is not what I wish to discuss. It is my temporary place of residence that belongs on these pages, so let us get into that topic.

Being a penny-pincher myself, I stay at hostels most of the time. I chose a different setting for this trip because I knew I would be on my feet for a longer period of time, and wished to stay at a more comfortable location. I chose Randwick accommodation near UNSW, a boutique hotel called Avonmore on the Park. I prefer boutique hotels to larger franchises because I am a visual person and love the attention to detail at these places, but even more importantly, between a hotel that accommodates 30 people, and a hotel that accommodates 3000 people, who is going to receive better service?


How do I describe Avonmore on the Park? The name itself is a giveaway, there is an excellent view of Alison Park across the street. If you are not staying by the waterside, this is the best alternative in Sydney. The place draws inspiration from coffee – dark furniture and floors, browns and blacks, combined with warm white walls gives the place a homely touch that is easy upon the eyes.

I could say it was the closeness of UNSW that made me choose Avonmore, but truthfully, it was their accommodating nature to people like me. As the hotel is located very close to UNSW and the Prince of Wales hospital, they offer discounted packages to visitors of these institutions. I shared a room on the first floor with two colleagues, and we were each most pleased. We received a discount on account of us being linked to UNSW, and for booking ahead, and for staying for longer than a week, and the price was well worth the value we received.

The hotel location, apart from being close to the University, is also really close to High Street in Kensington, which we treated ourselves to on our day off. There is a large number of exotic restaurants in the street itself (the street being The Avenue), and we ate Lebanese, Thai, Japanese, and had an all out great time, never too far from the hotel to cause discomfort. I did, however, make the trip to Rosebery to enjoy my favorite eatery in Sydney, Mike’s Kitchen. However, the norm was to have a full English breakfast at the hotel, on a daily basis, and it was scrumptious to say the least. Another perk – the wifi is free and available, which is more than most of Australia will offer.

I will happily continue recommending Randwick accommodation, full credits going to the amazing, outgoing staff and the quality of the services. Boutique hotels in general are a better option than regular ones, and they will forever have my support, as I am needy in terms of being pampered. Food, hygiene, location, services – check, check, check!


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