Tips for a smooth Sydney stay

Parts of the world that are far away from us always seem a bit mysterious and exotic. Although Australia is a part for the Western world, in cultural terms, its nature makes it a bit detached and it is in real measurements too far away from any other similar part to be perceived in the same way. If you have time and enough money, you should visit this outstanding continent and see its beautiful people. Another beauty of this continent lies in the fact that it is a real melting pot for peoples and races from the whole world. All of them get on just fine and create a unique peaceful mixture of people.

Voltage and adapters


The electricity features in Australia are 230 V voltage and 50 Hz frequency, respectively. This means that people traveling to Australia from Europe, Africa or Asia will not have to use adapters, but those coming from the USA, Japan and Canada will have to take care of that, because their voltage differs from the Australian electricity system. However, if you do not manage to bring the adapter(s), do not get stressed or annoyed. Every better-equipped store in Australia has a wide range of adapters and you will not stay unplugged.

Under the Sydney sun

Australian attractions are divine and breath-taking, but you have to be extremely careful not to get carried away by their stunning beauty. The sun down there is quite harsh, partly due to the natural position of Australia and partly because of the huge ozone hole above Australia. The amount of UV sun rays that bomb the land of Australia is much higher than the amount that people living in Asia or North America are used to. However, if it the sun manages to burn your skin, do not wait a second and go and look for the closest dermatologist in Sydney. Such intensive sun, as it is in Australia, can cause rashes, sunburns and even acne. In order to ensure the right skin or acne treatment Sydney experts, you should always have a special stash of money for such a situation.

Careful on the road

The biggest shock for people who come to Australia for the first time is the fact the Aussies drive on the left side of the road, just like their distant British relatives. If you come from a right-driving country, you will need a day or two to get accustomed to this driving custom. Renting a car is a smart decision if you want to see interesting landscape attractions around Sydney, such as the Jenolan Caves or the Blue Mountains. It would be a pity to visit Sydney and miss to see these natural beauties. To reach them, you will have to rent a car. And when you rent a car, stick to the left lane.

Road to Uluru Joan Campderros-i-canas

Road to Uluru Joan Campderros-i-canas

Sydney is not everything that Australia can offer, but it is its largest center. If your budget and time allows you, you have to see Ayers Rock and the Great Barrier Reef, as well. In addition to that, there are also numerous museums dedicated to Australian Aborigines and you should also pay respect to them and find out more about these fabulous people.


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  1. That’s one smooth countryside road. You made a good decision that it may be best to use a rental service to avoid any accidents. I’ll make sure to take note of this if ever I get the opportunity to visit Australia.

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