An Asian Bucket List

Do you have a “bucket list”? A bucket list is a collection of activities that you want to do or see during your lifetime. It is also a comedy starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, concerning the same topic. I recently updated my bucket list, one that is mostly compiled of figures such as try x thing in y country, and I realized that I haven’t been around Asia that much. I’ve been intrigued by this wonderful land for a long time, drawn to the immense difference in our cultures. If you share my passion for traveling and meeting new people and cultures, feel free to copy some of my ideas!


thai foodI plan on visiting the most beautiful cities on this continent. Let’s start off with Bangkok, the ever growing tourist center this side of the globe. The capital of Thailand is known both as an intact temple to Thai history (also surrounded by fantastic temples the architecture of which would blow your mind), and an insane, bustling nightlife. There is also Thai food to give you that real spicy taste of the Venice of the East.
The second on my list is Hong Kong. A city at the crossroads, always busy, its lights never diminishing, always setting the many Bays aglow. The Pearl of the Orient is a breath-taking sight to lay eyes upon, especially seen from a boat.
The next on my list is Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Its mixture of the modern gadget-culture and traditional values makes it one of the most extraordinary places in the world. You can almost feel the honorable samurai spirits patrolling the skyscrapers, fashionable neighborhoods, metro stations…


elephant thailandLarge island clusters are simply a must-see. Let’s just say that Vanuatu is known as a great place to relax and order a cocktail in a coconut shell, escaping from the confusion and rush of modern existence. Its rich vegetation completes the aesthetic of a pure oasis within the ocean.
On the other hand, certain Thai islands, such as Phuket and Koh Samui, are highly populated, and you will find a feast of social contact there. My ideal is to live in Thailand, specifically on Phuket, for a month, and indulge my cravings for human contact and lone hikes in the nature as they come.
Ubud on Bali, however, lures me with a promise of harmony and a soothing rest, and it comes with an offer of beautiful sand beaches and polite locals. The way I see it, I’ll have to check out Ubud and Phuket in one very pleasant summer.

Moving on

steppe horseIn addition to this, you can set your course toward a more live action, full on adventure vacation. Mongolia is a world in itself, both a desert and a prairie. I intend on riding a horse through the steppe, going so far as to try my hand at hunting with eagles. Wind in my hair, friends, wind in my hair.
The island of Borneo, with its Mount Kinabalu, dares me to climb it, but I must still my heart and be careful. This is a harsh trip, and only experienced climbers can go straight up, in a period under 2 days. If you are afraid of mountain slopes (I just might be), you could always visit the island of Borneo, sans mountaineering. Its safari has a good reputation, so it’s not all just lounging on the beach, you know?
Finally, with everything taken into consideration, why do we lose all this time merely planning, dreaming? We could be looking for our passports, setting sails to any one of these locations, checking off to-do tasks from our bucket list. And, who knows, maybe we meet a fellow struck by wanderlust, and exchange ideas to grow our own list from.


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