Going Expat: The Thai Plan

You got a great job opportunity, the one you have always dreamed about and you are getting ready to move. You fell in love with Thailand, and decided that that is the place you want to continue your life at. You need a complete change in life style and you always wanted to learn about Thailand culture and life philosophy. These are only a few reasons why someone would wish to move to Thailand, and they all have something in common. You have to carefully chart out your big move, the distance is most likely so vast that it leaves no room for mistakes. An itinerary should safely guide you through the process, but the key thing is to keep exploring and choose from a wide, thoroughly researched process.

Routes and Rules

You can access Thailand via all four regular routes, air, sea, road and railroad. Basically, make sure you choose the one through which you can carry all the things you wish to take with you to Thailand. All necessary import paperwork can be prepared online through official sites. Since you plan on staying longer than 30 days, you will need a visa. There are limitations of the quantity of certain products that you can bring into Thailand, cigarettes and spirits, for example. All this information can be found on the official website of the Thai government, along with health and immunization clauses, so read them carefully.


Where to Settle

Apartment rental business in Thailand is very developed and well organized, so you should not have any problems maneuvering through your preferences and budget, wherever it is you decide to live in Thailand. Once more, everything can be organized online, which makes this part of the move easier and enables you to do it before you start paying for the trip. Of course, staying in one of the many hotels and hotel-like establishments is also a good option, if your budget permits.

Local Transportation

Just as anywhere else in the world, the public transportation network is the best in large cities and towns, and less organized in suburban and rural area. Study your location to know what to expect.

People and Safety

Thailand is a country of hospitable and friendly people, and you will be welcomed. There are safety issues related to the southern provinces of Yala, Pattani, Narathiwat and Songkhla, due to an ongoing crisis, and you should really consider avoiding these locations. However, the rest of the country is safe and well looked after by the diligent Thai police.

koh samuiClimate

Thailand is a typical tropical country, so prepare your wardrobe, skin and soul for a warm and humid climate all year long. The temperature averages between 18 and 34 C˚, the warmest periods being March through May, and the coldest from November to February.

Another climate expats should monitor before leaving is the business climate. Practically any kind of business has its place in Thailand and you will have the opportunity to cooperate with highly skilled and experienced people in your area of expertise. Traveling to Thailand for work is a popular move among westerners, so you can be sure to find plenty of fellow expats to help you get on your feet in your new neighborhood.

As you see, moving to Thailand is the same sort of gradual process as is moving to any other organized and developed country. By preparing all your documents beforehand, it should all finish quick and easy. Good luck, and enjoy your stay and business opportunities!


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