A Foreward to Eating Abroad

As the summer slowly approaches, we all get a little obsessed with choosing our next vacation destination. If you are still wondering what to do, where to go, don’t despair. There are countless ideas and they all depend on your expectations.

But have you noticed what a large role gastronomy plays in the cultural charm of any country? For centuries, it has been a crucial cultural factor that corresponds to the traits of a particular nation. For example, strict yet emancipated Scandinavians enjoy a simple and well-balanced cuisine, with a lot of seafood. On the contrary, the passionate latinos of Mexico are famous for spicy and fiery mixtures and a plethora of taste and ingredients.

If you are a true hedonist, foodie destinations should be no surprise to you. These are popular tourist areas that enjoy the reputation of providers of fantastic cuisine and quality drinks. However, before you embark on this exciting venture – in fact, before you even think of going abroad, foodie or not – you need to learn how to choose what to eat and what not to. Your stomach is used to local food and spices, and going foreign is a shock for the system.

restaurant meal

Food Poisoning

One of the most common problems with traveling to distant countries is food poisoning. Many tropic places are known for their exotic cuisine, which overwhelms all tourists. Before you eat in a local restaurant, you need to be very careful.

While food from a restaurant is the safest, tourists looking for new experiences consider food from the stalls, and often find it better tasting. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” an old Latin proverb says. Well, it is completely correct. If you want to avoid poisoning, you should eat in restaurants or food stalls that are frequented by locals. Only they know if the food is good or not. Also, you will try something new and learn a lot about the gastronomy of the country you have visited. The more visited stalls are better for another reason, too – more fresh food has to be made, constantly, and the chances for food poisoning are lower. Ask a local to help you choose food, and not only will you have the best plate in house, but you just might make a new friend.

It is highly recommended that you detoxify your body after visiting an exotic destination. Your stomach is designed to take in the food of your own region, and tropical treats come with their own colonies of tropical bacteria, which could cause various health problems you have no defense for. There is a way to avoid ruining your vacation with a bout of diarrhea or some irritating disease, and that is sterilization and detoxification. While you are there, if your circumstances permit, drink a shot of some alcohol a day – not for the fun of it, but because vodka will wipe out invasive bacteria. When you get home, go into detox mode. I personally like detox tea, my post-vacation ally. It is significantly less gnarly than getting a detox at a clinic, and it consists of natural herbs that do more than purge your bowels.

street food

Food Allergies

Being allergic to a certain food group is no excuse to miss out on visiting foreign countries. Tasting food completely different from yours is an unforgettable experience. Despite your allergies, do travel, do enjoy exotic cuisine. Be careful about it though.

If you suspect that you might be allergic to something, but are not sure what it is, you should visit your doctor before you go aboard. Take an allergy test, and check out the results. Whatever it was that was bothering you back home will bother you so much more abroad.

When in a restaurant, you need to get informed about the menu. If you have an allergy, you need to inform a waiter about it. Be precise and straightforward, and consider the waiter your ally to not choking to death while on vacation. They are there to make your stay comfortable, after all.

Visiting a foreign country is not just about swimming all day long. It is about catching moments and experiences. If you want to understand other cultures and customs, you need to walk in their shoes, taste their food and drinks. By following these instructions, you will avoid all inconveniences and bring only good memories with you.


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