Hayman Island for the Dandy

Speaking of earthly Paradises, have you heard of Hayman Island? This dandy destination situated in the Whitsunday Islands belonging to Australia are the way to go for a holiday of pampering and luxury. The crown jewel of Hayman Island is a hotel that’s been there for a while, but has recently gone through a massive makeover. Of course, this is the One&Only Hayman Island Resort. Fashionistas and yachting enthusiasts, read on!

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There are two ways to go. You could go island hopping around the Whitsundays Islands, charting out an itinerary, and dawdling on each selected island for a couple of hours, before heading on to the next. The other way is to cruise around on a boat, enjoying the islands at a distance, docking only when you feel like engaging in some land-lubbing activities. Either way is tested and proven to be a treat for the body and soul. If you are not a boat owner, you can engage in the second way to explore the Whitsunday Islands easily enough – most Australians live near the coast, most of the coastline Australians have boats, and most of them will either rent their ride to tourists, or are liveaboards themselves. Chartering a boat or a liveaboard is an excellent way to feel comfortable during your trip, as you won’t really have to worry about the sailing, and leave that to the owner of the boat. It’s just you, the deck, and the sun, so lounge away.

hayman island swimming pool

One&Only Hayman Island is one of the top luxurious resorts in the world and has been for years now. This secluded place of surreal beauty comes with spas and sports terrains and lounging areas and marinas for any taste and preference, as classy and posh as it gets. The design ranges from ageless sophistication to modern smart design.

If you are an active vacationer, you could indulge in diving, swimming, snorkeling and any other imaginable water sport.

If you are a foodie, One&Only Haymans offers a plethora of different exotic tastes through its chain of restaurants. Local specialties are a whole new story, well worth digging into. The same goes for beverage aficionados.

Once you are at the resort, make it a thing to book one of the sensational spa treatments. Choose from an extensive menu of traditional and up-to-the-minute treatments, sort through the different ambients you could relax in, decide between getting cozy indoors, or truly embracing Australia’s sunny disposition.

Whether you opt for a week or a weekend, Haymans Island works hard on making each and every one of its guests feel like royalty.


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