Need a Fresh View on Sydney – Check out This Hip Itinerary

If the road and your tourist appetites take you to Australia, you probably already know that Sydney is the place to be. This amazing and vibrant city is all you ever wanted, as it has all the things you might want to see and experience: the old town, the hip places, shopping, nature, fine dining as well as the local beers. Therefore, before touching up your itinerary, grab a couple of details from here and include them to make your visit more worthwhile.

Hip Neighborhoods

Don’t let your visit to Sydney finish, before you visit the Surry Hills. What you need to be doing is take one visit during the day and check out all the hip, fun and artisan shops that sell food, as well as those that sell unique clothes. If you don’t get a taste of them or some cool garment for yourself, you can just walk around and check them out. However, Object Australian Design Center is the place to check out while you are at it, as it is full of genuine Australian art.


Restaurants and Bars

If you are in it for the good time, music and people, then your choice should be Belgrave Cartel. For some Middle Eastern food that comes from the kitchen of awarded chefs, your destination is Almond Bar. On the other hand, the Argyle will offer you some really good international cuisine at a hip, modern, warehouse-style design. Once you are done with your dinner and you are ready to continue into the night, visit the Grandma’s Bar on your way.


Amazing Nature

There is so much more to Sydney than just Sydney. There is also some amazing nature around it, as well. Awesome beaches are just one of the chances to check out the lovely nature. Bondi is by far the most popular, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that there are also Manly, Palm Beach, Coongee and Cronulla Beach. If you have seen these beaches, it is time for a Blue Mountains day trip. This adventure will show you that there is so much more to Sydney nature than beaches.



European Beers and American beers are famous all over the world, but Australian beers are just as good and the world is becoming to understand that. In order to see what that is all about and to see for yourself, you need to check out the cool, small breweries of Sydney. Some of the bars that shouldn’t be misses if you are about to try the cool craft beers are Keg & Brew, Local Taphouse and Dove & Olive.


This is another side of the Sydney that is available for you. While it doesn’t include the trip to the Sydney Opera House or the Museum, it still catches and shows off the vibrant and the amazing side of the Sydney life that is more about the contemporary features of everyday life, like nightlife, dining and beer tasting.



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