Eating on a Budget Abroad 101

Nobody likes to save money while travelling. If you are foodie, attractions in the foreign country have equal importance to you as local dishes. You must try them, otherwise, there is no point in making an itinerary. However, there is a problem. Your budget is limited and you cannot afford to go to every fancy restaurant you found on TripAdvisor.

Not everything is lost. Where there’s a will, there is a way. So, stay with us to find out how you can eat abroad on a budget.

Cook yourself

I know that hostel kitchens are usually poorly equipped, but if you come across a decent one, you should try to cook something. In this case, you do not want to cook any dish, but a local one. How would you do that? Well, research before the trip. Find a local dish you can prepare yourself. When it comes to ingredients, you can save money on them, as well.


Visit fresh produce markets

You will find cheap ingredients at markets, which are brimming with fruits, veggies and other fresh produce commonly cultivated in the given country. This also requires a little bit of researching on your part before you set off. Google the most popular fresh produce markets in the country you are visiting and write them down.


Try street food

You can try street food for a fraction of the cost you would pay for it in a restaurant. On the other hand, street food is the most direct way to explore the place you are visiting. It is food locals make and locals eat. Cag kebab in Istanbul, gyros in Greece and sushi in Thailand. You will find all these dishes at street vendors at a reasonable price.


Make friends

While you are sightseeing and visiting markets and street vendors, make friends with locals. Learn a bit of the lingo to ask them if they can recommend a restaurant, a street vendor, a bakery, or a pastry shop they often drop by. Be careful as some locals may recommend a fancy restaurant where English spoken as they think you will get by more easily there. Make sure they know the language barrier is not a problem.

Order a takeaway

Dining at a table is much more expensive than opting for a takeaway service. Order a takeaway and set up a picnic – especially if traveling to France. You will certainly enjoy your meal more in a park next to Notre Dame Cathedral, than in an international restaurant you can find at home.

picnic eifel

Dining out

If you do want to visit restaurants, there is also a way to stay within the budget. First of all, tourism cards offer discounts on attractions, transportation and restaurants. You will usually find discounts around 15% to 20%.

Secondly, find the restaurants offering lunch specials at a discount.

Finally, browse the applications. For example, did you know that there is a free wine app, which, when you download it, can help you receive a free bottle of wine in the restaurant you previously picked?

Dining out abroad

As you can see, the key to eating abroad on a budget is researching. Do not start your journey without the list of the things you have to visit and try. Of course, you can do the research when you get there, but it will take up your time you have planned for other activities.


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