The Best Things to Do in New Zealand This Year

If you’re thinking about your next holiday, then might I turn your attention to New Zealand. Most people think of New Zealand as Australia’s little brother. It’s a small country that has a big heart and plenty to offer tourists. I think it’s the perfect holiday destination for anyone who wants something a little different to the normal.

So, I’ve decided to come up with three amazing things you can do on your holiday to New Zealand:

Hobbiton (Photo source:

Hobbiton (Photo source:

Visit Hobbiton

The first thing on my list is something that’s truly unique to New Zealand. The country is home to Hobbiton, which you may recognise from a very popular movie franchise. Yes, it’s the set from the Lord of The Rings movies! Hobbiton is more commonly known as The Shire and is an iconic piece of the movie history. You can take a tour around the place and walk through all the little hills and homes where the fictional characters lived. If you’re a big fan of the films, then this is something you must do! Or, it’s the perfect treat for your Lord of The Rings loving partner! Even if you never watched the films, it’s still a remarkable place to visit. You feel like you’ve been transported somewhere else!

Go Surfing

The great thing about New Zealand is that you’re never too far from a beach. And, the beaches in New Zealand are always packed full of surfers! Surfing is a big thing for the locals, and they encourage tourists to join in the fun. Arguably the best place to surf is down in Raglan; it’s a hot spot for surfers of all ages! All you need to surf are a couple of bits of equipment. You’ll need your surfboard, which you may be able to rent when you get to the beach. And you’ll want a life jacket of some sort, in fact, you can probably pick up a Rip Curl life vest for a very small amount of money. Of course, these waves in Raglan are some of the fiercest around, which is why it’s so great for surfing. But, make sure you’re safe if you’re surfing for the first time always go with an instructor!

Pixabay (Photo source:

Pixabay (Photo source:

Go On A Road Trip

Many people visit New Zealand if they want to go travelling around the country. This is because it’s the perfect place to do just that. The country itself is not very big, which means you can see a lot of it in a short space of time. Some people have managed to travel all the way around New Zealand in just over a month. There are some stunning landscapes and roads that make it the ideal country for a road trip. All you need to do is hire a van and plan your route. Then, you’ll be able to explore some of the unique scenery New Zealand has to offer.

So, after reading this piece are you tempted to go on a New Zealand holiday? Seriously, it’s a brilliant country, and there’s plenty more to do than just these three things!


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