A Guide to Travelling the World Indefinitely

More and more people these days are following their dreams and going off to travel indefinitely. Not just for a few weeks or months; until they feel like coming back! But what do you need to do if this is a dream of yours? You should probably plan it a little first to make sure it goes to plan. As tempting as jetting off without a care in the world can be, it doesn’t always work like that. This guide will give you some tips:

Plan Loosely

If you want to travel indefinitely you’re going to need to plan loosely. I say loosely because your plans will more than likely change as you go new places. It does help to have your first flight and accommodation booked in advance though! Maybe a rough idea of where you want to go so you don’t feel too confused or overwhelmed. Just bear in mind you’ll need some time to get used to each new place after you’ve arrived. Don’t plan too much at once. You need to be able to take it all in!

Elmina, Ghana; Photo Courtesy: Retlaw Snellac

Elmina, Ghana; Photo Courtesy: Retlaw Snellac

Stay Safe

Different safety precautions will need to be taken depending on where you go. You shouldn’t let safety concerns stop you from doing much, unless there’s a good reason. Just make sure you let people know where you’re going, and have emergency numbers on hand.

Make Copies of Important Documents

You’ll need lots of documents as you travel, so it’ll be helpful if you make copies of them. Keep them in separate places to protect them!

Get Vaccinations

Make sure you get vaccinations depending on where you’re planning on going. The last thing you want is to get ill on your travels!

Work Permits

If you’re planning on finding jobs while you’re travelling, you’re going to need a work permit. You have to work for a specific amount of time depending on where you go, and afterwards you can stay in the country. You might have to start out picking fruit. However, if you have special skills that might help you to get an exciting job. Doing an Alltracks Ski instructor course would be beneficial, for an example. Some jobs can be a little tedious, but it’s worth it.

Working Online

Alternatively, you can work online. If you can freelance, or you’re willing to do a course to help you, you could make money online as you travel. Then all you need is a laptop and an internet connection!

Packing Light

If you plan on travelling indefinitely, you’re going to need to know how to pack light. You’ll likely pick up things on your travels, so take that into account too. Pack less than you think you need!

Travelling the world indefinitely can be really exciting and give you stories to tell for years to come. You’ll learn so much about other countries and cultures, and it’ll help you to develop as a person. Your confidence will skyrocket. Speak to anybody else who’s done it and they’ll tell you it’s so worth it!


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