Eliminate Vacation Stress by Packing Smart



When it comes to preparing for vacation, one of the tasks we least look forward to is packing. Why do you think that is? After all, it’s relatively painless and not really time-consuming. And yet, so many of us panic about this to an unprecedented degree. If you’re one of those people who find themselves in a fluster when the time comes to pack, this guide could be the one for you.

We’ve travelled a lot of the years, and each trip proves to be a learning curve. In this time, we’ve managed to pick up some tips and tricks to help us along the way, and we’re going to share them with you. With that said, here are the secrets to good packing that we’d like to share with you.

Visual Hunt

Visual Hunt

Don’t Leave It Until the Last Minute

How many times have you heard that? And yet you never seem to take heed of what is some pretty sound advice. The longer you leave the packing process, the more stressful it is ultimately going to be. Leave it until the night before you’re due to go away? You’re just asking for trouble. Of course, it’s not going to be possible to pack up all your luggage well in advance. There are some things that you’ll still need to use daily before you go away. That’s fine – but keep it minimal. Everything else? Get it out the way as early as you can, and you’ll have less of a headache when the time draws nearer.

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Visual Hunt

Pack Smart and Pack Light

We’ve all been guilty of overpacking every once in awhile. I couldn’t judge you for it. The secret to packing smart, though, is travelling light. Think of it like this – the more luggage you take, the more worries you carry. Literally. While you’re packing for vacation, ask yourself whether you really need to take that. If the answer is a resounding yes, throw it in your suitcase. If you so much as hesitate, it’s probably a luxury you can do without. You’re only going away for a week or two; it’ll still be waiting for you when you get home! Learn a lesson. You never need as much as you think you do.

Check out this packing checklist to see if something really counts as valuable. It’s a great tool if you’re a person of indecision.

Visual Hunt

Visual Hunt

Embrace Multifunction

The less you take, the easier time you’re going to have. We’ve just established that. One of the secrets to packing is looking at multifunctional items. Do you need to, for whatever reason, pack a torch? Oh, look! Your phone can do that same job. That’s one less thing to cross off the list. Embrace items that serve multiple purposes and your packing will be free from stress. Bikinis can easily double as underwear, giving you more space to use for other things.

Different principles apply for different trips. Going away on business? Check out our guide to packing for business travel.


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