My Tips for Planning A Trip to Africa

Africa is definitely on my bucket list to travel to. Such amazing culture. It would be wonderful to get an insight into their lives and customs. I’d also love to go on a Safari. How brilliant would it be to see the likes of lions, rhinos and giraffes, roaming free in the wild? I can just imagine it now, and it makes me happy. Have you been to Africa? If not, here are my tips for planning a trip.

Choose Your Holiday Type & Destination

To just say Africa is quite a general term. There are so many countries within the continent. The first thing to do is to choose which country (or countries) you would like to visit on your trip. Deciding which type of holiday you would like will help your decision? Africa is vast, and so there is a huge variety available. Would you like a beach holiday? A safari or desert trek? Or something completely different in the towns?

Once you know the type of holiday you’re after, it will narrow down the countries to choose from. There are over 50 in Africa! Using something like a Nigerian information website would be useful to find out more about certain areas, too.

Abavo Market in Delta State, Nigeria; Photo courtesy: Robert Prather

Abavo Market in Delta State, Nigeria; Photo courtesy: Robert Prather

Think about the Time of Year & Weather

If you’ve chosen a desert trek, I doubt you’d want to be trekking in the Sahara in the summer. The temperatures would be unbearable and quite honestly, unsafe. This type of holiday would be better reserved for winter months. Other areas would have the perfect climate in summer months, though. Once you know your destination, research and look up the climate as it will vary from country to country.

If you’ve opted for a safari trip, it is probably best to avoid the rainy times of the year. That is April – September. Some safari parks and ranges are likely to close in inclement weather. You wouldn’t want to get all the way there and not be able to have the full safari experience. That would be the worst! Plan ahead and book a safari in the drier months.

Plan for Vaccinations / Travel Pills

Africa is wonderful, but there are some diseases that are much more common there, than in the west. Malaria and yellow fever are common, and you would not want to catch them on holiday. A trip to your doctor about two months before would be best. They can tell you on what you would need for visiting the area. You should do some of your own research too. Some countries might need slightly different vaccinations than others.

Vaccinations should be planned in advance. You’d need to check if the vaccinations would cost you money too. Private travel clinics would most likely charge. You don’t want this to be a surprise after paying for flights to Africa!

I hope these tips are helpful. It is such a wonderful place, and I’ll be quite envious if you do go. Where do you think your dream destination would be? I’d love to hear in the comments!


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