My Tips for An Amazing Safari Trek in Africa

The Great Migration; Photo Courtesy: Patti Sandoval

The Great Migration; Photo Courtesy: Patti Sandoval

One of my favorite parts of travelling to Africa is going on a safari. When anyone plans a trip to the continent on the equator, I always tell them they have to experience a safari up close and personal. There is nothing quite like watching some of Mother Nature’s greatest animals doing their thing in their natural habitat. So, to make the experience the awesome, I have listed a few tips below. Personally, I think these tips will heighten the experience and make it a once in a lifetime trip.

Pick The Right Country

Africa is a huge continent with tens of countries, most of which are surrounded by desert and wildlife. As a result, picking the right place to go on safari is hard because there is so much choice. However, like all things in life, some places are better than others and will make the trip more successful. For example, Botswana is considered the pinnacle thanks to the Okavango Delta. The Okavango is a large area of swampland and grassland that attracts animals of all kinds all year around. To find out more about Botswana, click on the link.

What Type Of Safari Do You Want?

You don’t just jump into a van and head out into the wilderness. No, safaris are a lot more organized and varied, so you need to know which one best suits your needs. A budget safari is the cheapest option, but it is also the most basic. I recommend this one for people who don’t have the cash, or who want to experience the ‘real’ safari experience. Next, we have the first class option where you sleep in better accommodation and get extra amenities. Then there is the luxury package, which is a luxury holiday with a safari tagged on the end. Before you book, you need to figure out what you want and what you can afford.

Go At The Right Time Of Year

Safari operators will tell you that safaris are all year round, 365 days of the year. In many respects they are right because you can book a safari in any month. However, what they don’t tell you is that some operators shut down proceedings during the low season. You still get to go on a safari, but you don’t get all the trimmings. Plus, the natural wonders such as the Great Migration also take part at certain times of the year. The best time to go is in between the two rainy seasons, which is from July up until October.

Pack Properly

When you are out in the desert, there are no places to go shopping or to pick up items. For that reason, you have to ensure you have everything in your travel bag before you leave. The weather will be hot during the day, so summer clothes and sun lotions are essential. But, the temperature drops at night, so you will want warmer clothes also. And, mosquitos are a pain, which is why repellant and mosquito tablets are vital.


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