Basics of Business Travel Planning

Today, most business is done via e-mail or telephone, but a face to face encounter is always necessary to seal a deal. The company will rely on you to successfully represent it, and it is your job to rely on yourself to do a great job. Making sure that you have everything prepared will essentially guide your travel, enabling you to focus on the business end of your trip. Ultimately, allowing all your attention to be shifted to business will provide you with the means to successfully execute any task, and bring back glory to your company.


Booking in Advance

As soon as your other obligations allow it, make your travel arrangements. Be it train, bus, or plane, you want to make sure you don’t lose out on tickets. Booking well in advance saves money, and time-wise you will avoid the last-minute rush. After you have your tickets in order, book the hotel, especially if there’s a convention. You definitely wouldn’t want to fall short of a good room, and spend the day you arrive looking for one. Also, unless you are driving to your destination, make sure to have a transfer vehicle ready for you upon arrival, or research car rentals, so that it is the first place you visit.


Packing the Essentials

Packing for business travel the right way is essential. The most important thing to consider are the documents you need to have. Make sure they are up to date, and that everything is in order. Also, you want to consult your itinerary, and the weather reports for your destination. Make a list, and double-check that you have packed every piece of clothing you will need. You definitely don’t want to be in a suit and tie for those precious moments away from the conference room.

Make a Plan of Action

Make a travel itinerary as soon as you get all the confirmation e-mails and other necessary information. List everything from the moment you set off, your flight, check-in, to the last business meeting. Make sure you arrange them by dates, and add an expected time of every item listed. This will help you to always stay on top of your to-dos, and manage time more efficiently. Also, it is great way to inform the company, so everyone knows when to receive relevant information. And if you are going as part of a business team, keeping them in the loop will enable successful management of overlaps and delays.

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Keep Track of Finances

You will want to make sure to stay on top of your transactions. Consult your finance team about travel costs, reimbursements, and the receipts you will need to provide. Luckily, there is a sophisticated piece of business expense software that will organize all your expenses with a push of a button. Additionally, you will want to do some research ahead of your trip, to identify the currency of your destination. Also, a quick look at the layout of your hotel, and the nearest ATMs might not be a bad thing to do.

In the end, it is important to remember that almost half of the success of a business trip relies on you, and your ability to plan it. After all, with a well-planed coarse of action, you will achieve your business goals, successfully represent the company, and win favors with your boss.


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