Fun Summer in Australia – Top 5 Activities


Whether you know it as the Land Down Under or just as the home of kangaroos, Australia is the place you should visit as soon as possible! Being such a diverse country, it offers a wide range of outdoor activities and it does not matter if you are an adrenaline junkie, a nature lover or just an enthusiast who prefers spending time outside – Australia has got you covered! Here are some of the best summer activities you might try when visiting this awesome place, especially if you are running away from winter in your home country!

On the Road


Even though road trips are usually associated with the USA, do not think that Australia does not a road of its own! The best choice is the Great Ocean Road, a 243 kilometers long road that stretches along the south-eastern part of the continent. The philosophy behind every road trip is quite simple – pick the route, fill your car with gas and put the pedal to the metal – but this road is different from the most. It also features a memorial arch dedicated to World War I soldiers, so, besides feeling the wind in your hair, you will have a chance to acknowledge this proud nation’s history.

Dolphin Companionship


You can see dolphins in every major zoo in the world, but only in Rockingham Wild Encounters can you fully experience their company. If swimming with these wonderful marine mammals was something you wished for your whole life, this is where your wish will come true. Besides coming into the most direct contact with dolphins, you will find out more about this species and how to help preserve them on.

On Two Wheels


If you have passion for bicycles, Australia may seem too unwelcoming at first – inaccessible terrains, hot climate and literally no shade for miles and miles. However, this is just what some people want! Being free to explore the nature on your own eco-friendly electric bike is something all bike lovers consider unique and special. But, be sure to check your cycling gear before embarking on this adventure – cycling with flat tires is no fun when you are out in the open.

Surfing, Swimming, Etc.


This country is rarely perceived as the most desirable exotic destination and more people choose Tahiti and Hawaii for their sandy beaches and nice weather. Nevertheless, Australia can compete with these places and offer more than you can imagine. You can visit its most beautiful beaches all year long and enjoy various activities – from lying in the sun and getting a tan to surfing, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving.

Bushwalking All Day (and Night) Long


Bushwalking in the Australia’s nature is different from what people accustomed to hiking expect. The reason for this is quite simple – the atmosphere and the setting of Australia’s bush can be compared to no other place in the world. Whether you join an organized tour or improvise on your own – even though the former option might be safer for novice bushwalkers – you will be exposed to something completely new. Besides a new adventure, you will also learn a lot about this continent’s ancestry and the Aboriginal tribes.

Why Choose Australia?

Not all people love these activities, but thrill seekers and admirers of the nature find Australia perfect. Whatever you choose to do, be sure that your summer spent here will be like no other.


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