Cut Travel Stress with These Alternative Luggage Options

Look, there’s no getting around it. Packing for a vacation sure can suck the excitement out of just about any trip. When you should be embracing your pre-flight butterflies, you’re instead running around the house in a flurry. You’ve got your checklist in one hand, and a pile of clothes in the other. You agonize over what to include and what to leave behind. You struggle to get the suitcase to close. Sound familiar? Then, we’re speaking the same language.

It’s the same old story every time we are set to jettison off to a warmer climate. We promise ourselves that we won’t leave the packing until last minute, but, just like our New Year’s Resolutions, we never seem to stick to it. “Hey, there’s plenty of time,” we bargain with ourselves, “it will get done in the end.” And you’re right, it does, but at what cost? A day lost to panic and unnecessary stress.

But it doesn’t need to be like that. There are ways to simplify your packing procedure. Check out some of these alternative luggage solutions if you don’t believe me.


Okay, this isn’t going to eliminate all of your packing woes, but it could save you some time at the baggage claim. Wouldn’t we all love a trip that didn’t include the never ending, revolving carousel of the luggage conveyor belt? I know I would. And it’s entirely possible, provided you’re willing to sacrifice at least a little comfort. Rather than packing a bog standard suitcase to the brim, you could instead embrace the backpack.

The humble backpack doesn’t need to be exclusively associated with cross-country ramblers. Depending on its size, you could cram in all your essentials and have it quantify as hand-luggage. That means no waiting around at the terminal, and no sting from unexpected baggage fees. A win all around, wouldn’t you agree?


Packing Cubes

A somewhat new revelation of portable luggage, packing cubes are taking the world by storm for their convenience. Packing is all about cramming as much as you can into as little space as you can. It’s by no means an easy task, but you can certainly make your life that little bit easier. Packing cubes are designed to save space, which is what you need most when it comes to your luggage. Unless, of course, you aren’t afraid of airport charges.

Use The Mail

This one is a little bit out there, and can get pricey, so you’ll need to do your sums before committing to it. Instead of taking your luggage with you, why not send it to yourself in the mail? It may work out more cost-effective, and infinitely more convenient, to have your bags sent directly to the hotel. It’ll all depend on the volume of your luggage, of course, so it’s worth your time shopping around.

Take the time to weigh up your options, and calculate your budget accordingly, and this could be an easy way to get your luggage to your destination.


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