Tools of a Travel Blogger’s Trade

Travel blogging does sound like a dream job – you roam off the beaten paths, write exciting stories about your adventures, share them with the world, and even get to earn some money out of it. However, with so many travel bloggers in the sea today, it is really hard to get noticed. But what differentiates a top-notch travel blogger from an amateur is the ability to regularly provide the latest and most relevant information directly from the scene, backed up with top quality photos (or videos). Writing on the go once seemed like an impossible thing to do, but luckily, with state-of-the-art tools and apps you can now easily save, edit and share your stories in an instance. Here is a list of the most useful travel blogging equipment and apps.



Of course, no nomad blogger can even think about leaving their home without a proper camera. No matter how good you are with words, a photo lends more credibility to your story. Remember not to shy away from the camera, because you will be more convincing if you show that you have actually been to the places that you are writing about. If you are travelling alone, bring a selfie stick. There has been a lot of debate lately about this piece of equipment, and whether you like it or hate it, you will have to accept that it is an essential tool.

Other equipment

The more equipment you use, the more professional your blog will look. You can always use a hotel computer, but carrying your own notebook will make you much more effective. A careful on-the-go writer always brings spare notebook parts, such as a spare battery, in case of any unpredictable mishaps. Do not forget a portable charger. The downside of bringing too many pieces of equipment is that it leaves more room for you to lose it, break it, or be targeted as a theft victim. If you are going for a shorter trip, try replacing your laptop and camera with a smart phone. You can download various free apps on your phone and travel lightly without having to downgrade the readers’ experiences.



TripAdvisor owes its popularity to its very active community. It is the number one website for up-to-date reviews, where you can often find some less known destinations. It even offers a chance to arrange a guided tour with the local members of the community who are more than willing to accompany you.


Even if you are not the best map reader in the world, with TripJournal you will easily find your way around. It is based on Google Maps – the best map platform in the world. Some of the advantages it offers are: tracking of routes, recording of destinations, geo-tagging of photos, creating of maps, and sharing on social networks. It is supported on both iOS and Android.



If you are having problems organizing your travel photos, turn to Trevi for help. It automatically geo-tags each photo and arranges them by destinations. The only obstacle at the moment is that it works only on iOS, but should soon be available on Android as well.

Day One

If you are willing to invest into your blog, Day One is an excellent iOS-based journal keeping app. You can keep a daily log book, or activity log book, and save it or export it as a PDF file when your journey is done. It also provides weather information.

These are but a few apps and tools of the trade that can make your travel blogging life easier. Have you tried any other apps that you find useful?


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