Andermatt – Holiday in The Idyllic Heart of Switzerland

Far from being one of the more sprawling parts of Switzerland, Andermatt is a cosy town in the Urseren valley of the Swiss Alps. With a population of less than 1,500, it’s a land of rural lifestyles, friendly villagers and gorgeous forests. Still, this little town has a lot to offer. Let us tell you more about this idyllic location far from all the fuss and fakery of the bigger tourist destinations.

You can make your trip to idyllic locations like Andermatt as stress-free as possible by reading our travel tips. From packing smart to avoid pre-flight panics to holidaying on a budget, we have plenty of advice to share.

Skiing & other sporty activities

Photo courtesy: Pixa Bay

Photo courtesy: Pixa Bay

If you’re going for a trip up to the Alps, you’re going to want to take advantage of the mountains’ natural sport: skiing. Andermatt offers a whole collection of ski tours in the Winter, all accessible by cable car and public transport. More activities available include:

  • hiking through the gorgeous mountains, summer or winter
  • biking, from relaxing routes to hard mountain biking
  • climbing
  • ice-skating
  • tobogganing.


Photo courtesy: Kecko

Photo courtesy: Kecko

As well as hotels, homely inns and B&Bs, Andermatt has quaint mountain huts that surround you in the thick of the Alps’ beauty. There are also areas for camping for those who really want to experience the mountains. Of course, the luxury hotels in Switzerland are a famous part of any Alps trip. The good news is that Andermatt has one of those too, for those that want to live in the lap of indulgence.


Image provided by Wikimedia

Image provided by Wikimedia

There is plenty to do in Andermatt for those who don’t quite feel like braving the slopes, too. Enjoy the sights of the impressive mountains, the warm surrounding villages and the dense forests. You can go by foot or be pulled by horses in carriages, sleighs and even stagecoaches. There are plenty of museums, too, looking at local culture, the nearby quarry and even a fortress deep in the heart of the mountain itself. The Gotthard has long been an important mountain pass in Swiss history. Experience the crossing while wrapped up in comfortable furs and taking in all the beauty and history of the region.

The Crystal World


There are gorgeous valleys, brooks and forests to take in on almost any Swiss Alpine trip. Andermatt has something that will make it a unique experience. The Crystal World, or Kristallwelt, is another name for the stretch of mountain here. The crystals inside the nooks and crannies of the mountain are an important part of the area’s history. Sought by crystal hunters throughout the ages, there are still vast quantities of the pure quartz to be seen on tours. This a must-see on any stop to Andermatt.

Andermatt is a land of outstanding natural beauty, rich history and all the comforts and thrills associated with the Swiss Alps. This location is for anyone. The thrill-seeker, the nature lover, the history buff and those who want to steep themselves in rural Swiss culture are all welcome here. We recommend Andermatt heartily to anyone adventurous or hungry for a unique experience.


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