7 Best Beaches in Oceania

Even though we haven’t even celebrated Valentine’s Day yet, summer seems just around the corner and it’s the ideal time to plan your holidays and catch some early bird offers. The options are almost limitless since our Earth is a treasure full of tropical wonders, but let’s focus on the prizes scattered around the Pacific Ocean. We’ve chosen the top choice of Oceania’s most captivating beaches:

Galápagos Islands

A true wildlife enthusiasts retreat – the Galapagos has a flourishing flora and fauna waiting for you to discover! With its underwater volcanoes (some of them are still active!), almost domesticated iguanas, tortoise ranches, orcas, penguins and numerous rare bird species it is the ideal vacation spot for the nature lovers at heart.


flickr – opalpeterliu


Raiatea means “faraway heaven” and “sky with soft light”. This second largest Tahitian gem is embedded by the clearest waters with palms growing right at the ocean’s grasp. It is a perfect place for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts with its rich coral reefs and preserved wildlife. The beaches at the very island are not accessible but there are dozens of motus, or very tiny isles that have excellent beaches and splendid views of the ocean.


Flickr – Nils Rinaldi


This fantastic island has breathtaking scenery and a rich cultural history to go with it. You can go explore the vast wildlife, surf, swim or just relax at some of the world’s most beautiful beaches like the Wineglass Bay, the romantic Richardson’s Beach, the picture perfect Beer Barrel Beach or the Cloudy Bay located just a short ferry ride from Tasmania.


flickr- Mark Wassell

Long Reef Beach

Long Reef is Sydney’s marvelous stretch of white sand that lasts for about 2 kilometers and is a very common site for beach weddings. With offshore reefs in the north (situated at the Long Reef Bomboras) and the aquatic reserves and golf courses it is the perfect family retreat. The waves can rise to five meters so it’s the perfect place for surfing as well as kiting and windsurfing.


flickr – Nigel Howe

Moorea Island

Another Tahitian treasure, Moorea’s striking beauty and welcoming nature make it a popular destination not only for tourists from around the globe but for the locals, all the same. World renowned hotels offer ideal accommodation services and have spectacular beaches to go along with the shimmering cocktail under the warm Tahitian Sun.


flickr – Robbi Baba

Bora Bora

Remember all those postcards with the enchanting turquoise waters, blazing white sandy beaches and just a hint of greens from the lingering palm trees? Well, Bora Bora is all about this picturesque scenery! Words can hardly describe the vivid colors of the staggering beauty and with many resorts having private beaches – you actually get to have your own piece of Heaven on Earth (at least for a couple of days).


Nanuya Lailai

Nanuya Lailai is cozied at the Yasawa archipelago with some of the most enchanting beaches in Fiji. Adorned with dense tropical vegetation, surrounded by mesmerizingly blue and tranquil sea, the Blue Lagoon beach is the absolute favorite for tourists and movie lovers, since it was the filming location for the 1980’s movie hit of the same name.


flickr – Dondersteen

Do you feel warm already? Don’t waste another minute, grab your calendar and book yourself the trip of a lifetime to one of these amazing oasis in the deep blue ocean.


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