Top 7 Things to Do in Paris

The City of Light, Love, Romance, and Art. One of the most amazing European destinations that is swollen with tourists at any time of year. There have been some unfortunate events there and they made the entire touristic thing slow down a bit, but still, this is a remarkable place that you should visit. Of course, you need to see the Eiffel Tower, the Triumphant Gate and the Louvre, but there are many more things that you should do once in Paris.


Walk Along Promenade Promenade Plantée

You will find this wonderful promenade just above the Viaduc des Arts. It is packed with gardens, sculptures, art projects and many other interesting things. This is one of the most interesting walks you can have in Paris.


Les Passages Courverts

The wonderful passage will take you on a trip to the old days of elegant shopping. Their origin dates back to the 18th and 19th century and the architecture is simply amazing. You do not have to worry if it is a rainy day because they have glass ceilings that look remarkable.


Dancing on the Seine Banks

Naturally, if you want to learn tango, Argentina is the place to go. However, there is a Parisian version of this and it takes place on the banks of the Seine. More precisely, Tino Rossi Quai Saint-Bernard. Go there at 7 pm at any day of the week, from May to September. That is when the free lesson of tango takes place and you can join. However, if you are seasoned dancer, wait a bit and join the dancers later. The dance lasts deep into the night.


Cruising the Seine

If you have to pick one cruising destination in your life, pick a cruise in France. More precisely, cruise along the Seine and see Paris from a completely different perspective. The best would be to wait for the dark and enjoy the magnificent lights and the romantic atmosphere for the couples. This is definitely the experience that should be shared with a loved one.


Wandering along Montmartre

The charming Montmartre is one of the places you definitely need to visit. Throughout the year, it is simply wonderful to walk along the streets and pick out a café that looks the most charming to have some rest. However, if it is Christmas time, the entire experience will be even more unforgettable, because of the glorious Christmas market that takes place here.


Paris, France : la butte Montmartre et la basilique du Sacre-Coeur, vues depuis le centre Pompidou.

Attending a Fashion Show

Make sure that you are in Paris on Friday. As the clock strikes 3 pm, present yourself at the Galeries de Lafayette department store. At that time, the real 30-minute fashion show begins and the models feature the designs of the famous designers. Also, once you are there, help yourself with the free samples of cosmetics offered in this legendary department store.

Another very interesting thing that you can do in Paris is to visit somebody at work. While this is not a sightseeing thing, it is very interesting because it will give you an insight into the everyday of people living in this city. There is a program for this, funded by the Paris Tourist Office. You can find a list of Parisians willing to welcome you to their workplace and show you the ropes of their job. It is definitely a wonderful experience since the majority of them are artisans.


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