How to Plan A Short City Break

Photo credit: Pixa Bay

Photo credit: Pixa Bay

Spending even a few hours or days in a foreign city can be a magical adventure. At the same time, that visit could be a unanimous let down if it is not organised properly. Whether you are planning a few days off or a business break, why not give some thought as to how you spend your time?

Select your destination

Ask yourself what you want from your trip. Perhaps this is a city that you have fantasized about visiting for a long time. Are you more interested in a shopping and retail experience? Perhaps your ideal break is somewhere with lots of historical attractions. It can be an idea to organise a break to fit in with a festival of art or music.

Your destination may well depend on the time of year. Some cities for example may not be at their best in the height of summer. Cities such as Paris, or London may be packed with tourists and holidaymakers in July and August. The same cities may well be better enjoyed in the quieter months of Spring and Autumn. Venice, on the other hand, can be astoundingly beautiful and less crowded during the winter.

Photo credit: Pixa Bay

Photo credit: Pixa Bay

Book your flights and hotel

If you are booking with some of the cheaper airlines, make sure that you know how far you are from the city itself. It can be worthwhile paying a little extra to get the convenience of a flight that is direct and that will allow you to arrive in comfort and at a reasonable hour.

The hotel business is a competitive one. If you book late, then you are likely to be able to score a good deal on an unoccupied room. Try and book a hotel that is as central as possible. You won’t want to waste time travelling or having to find your way back to a hotel far away from the attractions.

Getting around town

There is no better way of finding out about a place than being with a guide who knows what they are talking about. A company such as Touriocity will be able to set you up with a personal guide. They will be able to give you as much or little time as you need and you will get an intimate tour of the city. Booking this in advance can give you a real focus and could also open you up to new experiences.

Research well

Use the web and access all the information you can. Look for personal recommendations for places to eat and things to do and see. If you book ahead it should also be possible for you to ensure that you can get tickets for any festivals or concerts that are happening in the city. Sports fans can likewise look at fixtures and even book tickets to some of the major games worldwide. The same sources should be able to give you reliable guides to finding exciting and different places to eat. If you arrive in a city without planning you ruin the risk of having to make these decisions when you’re tired or hungry.

Getting the most out of a city break, is simply a matter of being well organised and taking advantage of the technology and expertise out there. That way you can ensure you get as much as you can from the experience.


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