Port Douglas – Amazing Vacation Spot

During last 25 years there is a spot on this planet Earth that most people from Australia find the best for their holidays. Port Douglas boasts about it being in the vicinity of two World Heritage areas: the Daintree Forest and the Great Barrier Reef. Not only is this the reason why you should opt for visiting the famous place, it’s unfazed by the modern development, air and environmental pollution. The pristine air you can breathe in there and the magnificent sights spreading everywhere you cast your eyes will leave you speechless. Book this holiday resort and pack your suitcases, there is no better summer destination to pick this year!

How to get there

It is only an hour ride from the Cairns airport. An important thing to do if you would like to save some money, as the transport can get really expensive, is definitely checking whether there is a shuffle ride from the airport to the place where your accommodation is. There are even buses operating from the airport to Port Douglas at the cost of $54 return ticket. However, if you would like to experience a bit more of a comfort, go for a taxi which will cost you around $200. And there is always an option to rent a car once you get off in Cairns where there are numerous rent-a-car agencies.


Where to stay

If you are looking for something not quite ordinary yet peaceful, check Port Douglas resorts. The prices are not too high, and the service is excellent. And if you are considering taking your pawed friend on a holiday too, you will be thrilled to hear that these resorts are actually pet friendly. Of course, that does not really mean you can take home the species you find in the water in Port Douglas.


What to do once you reach it

A 4-mile long beach called, as you can guess it, Four Mile Beach is one of the best Australia’s choices for holiday makers. So, you can walk along the picturesque beach enjoying the sight and get fit too if this becomes your everyday routine.

If walking is not your kind of thing, maybe you should opt for renting bikes. This activity is great for fat burning without even putting a lot of effort, creating leaner muscles and a better posture. And the best of all, it is a time saver activity! You will explore the entire beach in no time and have a plenty of time to do all the other things that you want to see and explore out there.


After you have explored the place from the ground, go up in the air! There are many companies offering helicopter rides which cover the entire sky above Port Douglas. The sights available from out there up in the skies are amazing. If you are into photography, be sure to pinpoint this in your Port Douglas to-do list as there is no better way to have a wide perspective on the vast nature.

Get into the water, then. Feel the waves against your skin, go swimming and scuba diving. You will be amazed by the species you can see down there one you immerse yourself in the Great Barrier Reef. You can even swim with a Green Turtle out there, a unique experience that you will not be able to go through anywhere else.


Can the nature in this place get even better? Of course, it does get even better than you might have heard about Port Douglas. There is the world’s oldest rainforest you can have a tour all over it, go by car or explore by yourself.

So pack up your bags and come visit this marvelous and unique place on Earth.


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