Top 5 Destinations for Dog Lovers

Going on vacation is often a very difficult task, heartbreaking for most dog owners, as not every destination is so dog-friendly.. Luckily, some places will not only accept your furry companion, but they will also have a special programme just for it!


More Than Just Exercise

In Tennessee, USA, the SkyHoundz competition is a big deal, where you can show off your dog’s skills and talents, and have fun yourself. Moreover, Tennessee in general is a great place for dog lovers, and you will surely make friends with some likeminded tourists like yourself, as will your dog, especially around the competition period. Make sure to train in advance to score top points, and score a lovely gift for the both of you.

Trondheim. Bryggerekke ved Nidelven

Travel to the North

If you are a Lundehund enthusiast, then by all means, it is time to visit Trondheim in Norway. Held yearly, it is a meeting point for breeders and proud owners. Though, you do not have to own one to go and have fun. Remember to bring your camera, as the local scenery is simply breathtaking.


Be Part of the Crowd

Your summer might be booked because you should make time to visit Woofstock in Toronto. It is an annual festival for dogs, dog lovers, and happy owners with a quirky name. The festival will be packed tight with many events and if you are lucky enough, your dog might get selected as a winner in some of them. Be sure to pack for a couple of days, as you will have plenty to see and experience.

world dog show

Visit Europe for the World Dog Show

You can be part of a prestigious dog show. Nevertheless, be sure to be up-to-date with ongoing happenings, as the destination changes every time. On the other hand, seeing as you will be traveling a little too far, you may consider leaving Fido behind. True, this is a perfect place for doggies, but if they are not competing, it might be a little ruff on their ego to be placed near so many competitive hounds. Get a gentle dog sitter for your friend and bring back a lot of souvenirs!


Train Your Dog

Think your dog is the best sheep herder there is? Head on down to Canberra, Australia, and show off your skills at the sheep dog trials. You will get a chance to meet other owners as well, who will be able to give you good tips on how you can improve your dog training skills and what you should look out for. Moreover, it is the perfect opportunity to travel around a bit, and to enjoy this lovely country. Keep in mind, if you are coming in from outside of Australia, getting in might be a very big hassle. But once you’re in, it’s all fun and sheep herding games!

Traveling is often complicated on its own, and even more so if you need to bring your pet along, as some destinations are not very friendly towards them. Take it as a challenge rather than a disappointment, which will help you find the best possible and most fun destinations. Then again, you can look into some intriguing dog shows as well, which will be held at various locations throughout the world, giving you a good reason to pack up and to travel.


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