Exploring Ghana 101

The darkest thing about Africa has always been our ignorance of it. – George Kimble

Years after Africa first captivated the minds and hearts of explorers and artists around the world, people from other continents are persistent to visit only certain countries, like Morocco, South Africa, Kenya, etc. If we would dig just a bit deeper into diverse African destinations, we would have realized that there are many other amazing countries to experience. Ghana, for instance drew me with its scenic coastline, fascinating wildlife, dense forests and overall enchanting beauty. If you decide to follow my footsteps, though, there are some things you should know before, in order to explore Ghana in all its glory.

Life’s a Beach

Truly for Ghanaians, the sea is under their skin and the picturesque beaches are making this country a new hotspot of African tourism. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are, actually, located in Ghana. A popular stretch of sand – Labadi Pleasure Beach in Accra, provides anything you might expect from a beach in any capital of the world. Volleyball and Frisbee can keep anyone entertained, but sometimes everyone needs a peaceful resting moment. In that case Cocoloco Beach is a better option. Ghana is also home to a famous backpacker beach Kobrobite, where you can sense the hippy vibe.


Mother Nature at Her Best

Exploring Ghana means stepping outside your comfort zone and set foot into the unknown. Those are mostly forests and national parks. Some of the most notable ones are Mole National Park, Kakum National Park, and Bia National Park. The wildlife here is just amazing and you will not be able to pack your camera if just for a second, fearing you will miss something. These parks are homes to a wide array of wildlife, such as antelopes, lions, elephants, buffalos, monkeys, and various exotic bird species. Besides, here one can see staggering waterfalls and weirdly beautiful flora.


Settling in Ghana

From backpacker staying options to luxury world class resorts – Ghana does have everything. Finding hotel accommodation in Ghana can sometimes be really tricky, and in those cases it is better to turn to private resorts and other accommodation options. My very good friends, for instance, could not get enough of Ghana, so they have decided to stay in this lovely country for a month or two more. Browsing through rental listings, they have found a temporary home in Ghana, from where they could continue their exploration. You can also rent a car, or take the affordable bus transport for managing around.


The Lifeblood of Ghana – Accra

The capital of Ghana is bustling with life and it amazes every tourist who finds its way to it. There is no similar city on the continent, and on the entire world. Accra is filled with interweaving scents of coconut, mango and spicy street foods. The culture and history of the city are worthy of exploration, so visiting The Chale Wote Street Art Festival, Goethe-Institut, Kwame Nkrumah Park, Jamestown Lighthouse and Osu Castle, can enrich every itinerary.


The True Spirit of Ghana

The deepest way you can explore Ghana is by meeting its people and getting to know its culture. Luckily for you, Ghanaians are incredibly friendly and it is quite easy for them to engage in conversations with foreigners. Another perk is that the official language in the country is English, so responding to their wishes to communicate will be much easier. Music is very important, if not essential, part of life for Ghanaians and you can hear it everywhere you go – from public transport to local market, but you have not truly experienced Ghana until you try its cuisine. You should definitely treat your taste buds with kenkey and fu-fu or kokonte (dried cassava chips).

Go to Ghana prepared, but not too prepared. Allow it to surprise you with its spirit and beauty and enjoy every single moment of it.


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