The Coziest Places to Stay in Mozambique

Africa has always enchanted travelers, and while many flock to the well-known sites across the world, they overlook the great potential that Mozambique has to offer. This former Portuguese colony, proud of its heritage, is a gem lying on the shores of the Indian Ocean. With warm weather, clear blue waters, and pristine beaches, it has a tropical feel to the well-established wild African experience. And whether you want to fulfill your life-long safari dream, have a diving experience of a lifetime, discover new and unfamiliar cultures, or just put your feet up and relax, there is nothing better than staying in a cozy place while on holiday.

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City Hotel – Maputo

The biggest urban center in south Mozambique, Maputo, hides on its waterfront a real urban sanctuary known as the Southern Sun Maputo. A surprisingly pleasant experience when you consider the bustling city is just on its doorstep gives the true meaning to the word cozy, nestled by a park inland, and overlooking the clear blue waters of the ocean. The hotel retains the colonial charm of Mozambique’s heritage, while embracing the more ancient and recent African past. Although the rooms have no terrace, it is quickly made up for by the grand yard where you can lounge and enjoy your dinner right on the beach. And because of its Maputo location, it will be a perfect starting point for your safari explorations of the renowned Kruger National Park.

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Suburban Rentals – Maputo

If hotels are not your style, but you still want to experience all the tourist attractions of Maputo, you might look towards renting an entire house. Although you might not be on the waterfront, renting a house in the suburb of Hanhane still has its perks. The houses, or rather villas, are specious with their own swimming pool, but are close to the action. The signature color of Mozambique’s markets a in your near vicinity, while interact with the locals, in search for the best food, sites, and entertainment. Not only that, but you have a chance to feel the contemporary spirit of Africa, in the numerous African style pubs and restaurants, which are an adventure on their own, and totally unique to Mozambique.

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Island Retreat – Bazaruto Archipelago

Away from the mainland, the Bazaruto Archipelago hides an island escape like no other – Azura retreat. The secluded islands, yet to be tapped by commercial tourism are the perfect destination to relax and unwind. But what makes this luxury hideaway truly amazing is its setting, with the retreat just a couple of steps away from the magnificent Indian Ocean, and with no other hotel, house or lodging for miles and miles. Inside and out, the décor retains that all-important African blend, retaining the subtle tones of the savannah, and the tropical charm of an island paradise. Once you step out of the breezy room onto the veranda, you can cuddle up and watch an amazing sunset, which will definitely be the highlight of your stay here.

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Spa Center – Baia de Pemba

Just on the entrance of Baia de Pemba bay, north Mozambique, reveals the best spa hotel in this East African country, the Avani Pemba Beach Hotel and Spa. As the gleaming red, orange, yellow exterior changes color throughout the day, it can only be matched by the relaxing setting that awaits you here. Because of its vicinity to the ocean, each spa treatment is retains the pure and natural feel to it. And while you enjoy a milk bath, or a delightful massage relieving yourself of stress, you will also be soaking up the energy of Africa, while the refreshing ocean breeze cools your usual inner-turmoil. The rooms are simple and comfy, while another highlight is the edgeless, raised pool that overlooks horizon. And with Quirimbas National Park just across the bay, you can dive into your African natural extravaganza, both on land and at sea.

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So there you have it, you now know the best and coziest destinations once you head off to your Mozambique adventure. All there is left to do, is pack up, choose your accommodations, and travel to this amazing African country.


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