How to pack for a family summer vacation

The idea of a balmy summer breeze and lazy lounging on the beach has kept you going for the last couple of weeks at work prior to your vacation. There’s just another obstacle to your dream: the drudgery of packing. To turn the preparations for your deserved family vacation into plain sailing, we have compiled a handy checklist and some extra packing tips to tide you over. Roll your sleeves and let’s get started!



I will try not to bother you with common items you need for a summer vacation, so I will mention the absolute necessities or stuff I think you may forget:

  • Passport (believe it not)
  • Cash or credit cards
  • The proof of hotel reservation
  • Specific and wide range medicines
  • Tablets + headphones + chargers (audio and video in one)
  • One set of dapper outfit each
  • Feminine specific products
  • Sunburn balm
  • Sunblock, eyewear and light-coloured hats


Separate bags for individual outfits

The trips with kids are all about multitasking and being totally prepared. One that note, dressing up and picking clothes from the items you brought can be a drag. To solve this, use separate, ziplock bags for placement of previously picked outfits. Just pop one out of the bag when you need it. You can also stick a tag on it with information such as “formal” or “beach”. When dirty, the clothes can find its way into the bags, too.

Durable and unique luggage

If you’ve seen how guys at the airport handle (read, mercilessly throw) our bags, you know why you need a dependable piece of luggage. For instance, Samsonite is a sturdy and dependable luggage candidate, and my personal choice as well.

When it comes to colour/pattern, pick one that stands out. When I was buying my first, quality piece, there was a bag I liked, but in red (not a fan). I was pressed for time so I took it. It turned out my bag was the easiest to spot in the baggage line. After so many flights and trips, it never got lost!


Shopping-proof additions

The chances are, you’re probably going to buy a dozen of memorabilia, some for yourself and lots of for the closest family and friends at home. You may also decide to buy some clothing items or chunky object (it’s gorgeous and it was a bargain, we get it). This will transform into a large portion of luggage you didn’t plan for. Pack some foldable bags and store your holiday loot there.

Roll it

Plain folding of your attire is usually futile and results in wrinkles and shabby looking clothes. Instead, roll it into tubular shape and stack closely. Kids can help, too. Moreover, this crease-proof method is using minimal luggage space.

Halve it

Ladies tend to have this problem, and that is packing way too much clothes. Work to put half of the clothes back from the original pile of clothes you’ve picked to put in the bags. Lighter the luggage, better the mobility and less things to get lost. Enjoy your vacation without sore shoulders.


Lock it

Feeling a bit anxious about the potential theft or security ruining your standard lock? There are TSA lock types that are approved by the security officials. On random search, they will unlock it and relock it again, so you can be at ease about the safety of your belongings.

The packing process doesn’t really have to be such a tiring, soul-quashing marathon. Give yourself enough time and make some shortcuts with our special selection of vacation packing hacks.


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