Money Saving Tips for Traveling With Pets

Traveling with your pet without spending too much money will definitely require some homework. It is important to find ways not to spend too much, but it is also important to make the whole trip comfortable and enjoyable for your pet as well. But do not worry, we have come up with a couple of tips on how to do this. So this summer, you can take your pet with you on your holiday without having any worries.

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Contact the Airline

Most of the airlines today, will let you bring your pet when traveling. Still, it is important to contact the airline or check their website in order to get all the information necessary. You should check if you should notice the airline in advance or not. Remember that there will always be some fees when it comes to bringing your pet into a plane. With most of the airlines, there is a $100 one-way fee. It is also important to remember that if you want to bring your pet with you, you should book your ticket early, so you will be missing out on last minute reservations.

Pack Early

The best way to save money when traveling with your pet is to make sure you bring all of the items for your dog with you. So we recommend making a list of pet items such as pets medication, dog food, leash etc. and packing all of these things a couple of days before the flight. This way, there will be no need to buy anything for your pet while you are on your vacation. If you visiting some popular tourist destination, chances are all of these items are much more expensive so packing everything with you is important.

Book Hotel Early

Another way you can save money is to look for a hotel where pets stay for free. There are many hotels like this, all you have to do is do a thorough search before you actually hit the road. Once you find a pet-friendly hotel, you should make sure you book a room as early as possible. You can end up getting a great deal if you make your reservations long before the trip. It is very difficult to compare prices and choose the right hotel while on the road, especially with your pet with you.

Take Care of the Hotel Room

Even if you are staying in a pet-friendly hotel, you are still responsible for any damage your pet might make. Even the most well-behaved pets can act strange when in new environment so they might end up damaging something. The best way to avoid this, is not to leave your pet in the room unattained. If you really have to, make sure you are not gone for too long. You should turn on a TV for some calming sounds. If you have a dog you can get him a bravecto chew and make sure he stays calm and flea and tick free while you are not there.

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Find a Daycare for Your Pet

If you are planning to go to field trip chances are you will not be able to take your pet with you. Also, if you are traveling on business, you cannot bring your pet with you on the meetings. So before you go to the vacation, you should check if there is a pet daycare at the place you are visiting so you can leave your furry friend there while you are on a field trip or a meeting. Doing research online will help you find a daycare that will not cost too much and thus save you some money.

As long as you have everything planned you will not have to spend too much in order to bring your pet to a vacation with you. You will surely have a good time when your furry four-legged friend is there with you.

This is a guest post by Diana Smith – a full time mom of two beautiful girls, great animal lover and a passionate traveler.



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