Restaurants You Need to Check-out in Shimla

Wrapped in a network of narrow lanes, these restaurants in Shimla are few amazing places in the hill station to go on a gastronomical tour. If you’re in a habit of snacking often in between your tour, then these eateries and restaurants would offer your the best of local and international flavours. And, as the experts say, that good food only elevates your upbeat mood. So eat on! If you’re wondering how to reach the hill station and enjoy a meal at these places, then contact your tour operator for Shimla tour packages from Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata.




One of the finest eating places in the hill station, Qilaa is adorned a rustic charm with earthy stone walls and a homely atmosphere. Qilaa, which seems like a historical spot, is located at the heart of the hill station, the Mall Road. The restaurant menu boasts of regional and international cuisines and you can find Lebanese, Arabic and even Italian fare in here. The entire decor of the place is based on a leisurely theme, and you feel warm, with a hint of Middle Eastern charm and slow, tranquil music playing in the backdrop. Orange hued table clothes and golden colored wares add to its royal feel. Out of all the delicious items in its menu, you should definitely try the falafel, a popular Lebanese food, some kathi rolls and Afghani chicken. If you’re wondering how to reach the hill station and enjoy a meal at this place, then contact your tour operator for Shimla tour packages from Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata.

Trishool Bakery

The Trishool Bakery is another fantastic place to visit for a quick bite. Known for its yummy pastries, it is also located at the Mall Road and should be visited to satiate your drying sweet tooth. Quite popular among locals and tourists, you can enjoy a creamy patty and rolls along a hot cup of tea at the Trishool while looking at the people walking up and down the street. This blink-and-miss eatery at the Mall also stores all types of biscuits, rolls and bread. A good news for plum cake lovers – you’ll find, perhaps, the best quality here.

Indian Coffee House

If you’re dreaming of sipping a hot cup of coffee at an old cafe at the corner of the market and gazing at the local scenes then, make your dream come true at the Indian Coffee House. This old cafe, is also located at the Mall and appears genuinely retro with its uniformed waiters, dark-wood furniture, the menu on the blackboard, aromatic filter coffee served in spotless white and big cups along with few bakery items. Grab a chair by the narrow and long terrace of the cafe and enjoy a surreal view of the mountains with little noise of passersby in the market, oozing from down below.


Perhaps the best place to start your day in the hill station, this eatery is located opposite the Town Hall on Mall Road. Even if you’ve had omelettes and toasts before, it tastes amazing here at the Baljees. The eatery also serves some amazing non-veg dishes in the evening like chicken biryani and mutton rogan josh. Coupled with few drinks and there you have an amazing dinner!


This is a guest post by Dimpy Roy, a Delhi-based travel blogger,  writer and guide.


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