Best Vacations for Extreme Gymthusiasts

People usually do not think of spending their holidays by waking up early with the roosters and performing push-ups and deep lunges before the sun rises. Going to a fitness boot camp may seem like a crazy idea, but those who are ready to start an intense workout program and know about physical and mental advantages that boot camp workouts bring do not have to think twice. In this article, we present some of the best destinations that may intrigue you true gymthusiasts out there.

Prestige Boot Camp

Prestige Boot Camp courses are held in London, Suffolk, Devon, and Spain. They offer different workshops on motivation, cookery, and nutrition, and there are mixed courses and women-only. When it comes to exercise sessions, they are led by British Military Physical Training instructors.

Prestige Boot Camp

Prestige Boot Camp


Fitscape in located near Gaucin in Spain, and is based at a converted monastery. There are also camps in the Italian Dolomites, Morocco, and Atlas Mountains. Visitors can have five one-hour sessions each day, with workouts ranging from boxercise session and mountain hikes to core fitness and cardio. It is led by a team of experienced personal trainers who create interesting and challenging programs and outdoor pursuits for each trip, with the intention of increasing your fitness levels and leaving you motivated, recharged, and energized.

Clumber Park Hotel and Spa

Clumber Park Hotel and Spa is located in Sherwood Forest, and the boot camps are all about outdoor activities. The workout sessions are rigorous but fun, and include a rich daily schedule of fitness training, forest circuit training, hikes through the countryside, body conditioning, and an Army-accredited assault course. Along with getting fueled quality food before and after workouts, as well as with healthy protein shakes, energy bars, and quality natural fitness supplements, you will start feeling energized in no time, thanks to this workout program.


Yeotown is actually a farm retreat in Devon, England. At Yeotown, you are offered with meditation and deep-tissue massage sessions, as well as physical activities such as kayaking, surfing, cycling, dynamic yoga, Tai Chi, and coastal hikes. It is great for new mothers to get back into shape, thanks to their Yeobaby option and talks on nutrition.



Adventures in the Alps

If you are a true gymthusiasts, Adventures in the Alps should be among your top choices, because it offers a wide range of hardcore fitness and activity breaks such as triathlon camps, walking breaks, pilates, and for novices – a Running Made Easy week. During the summer, they are based in a chalet above Lake Annecy and Valmorel resort, France. During the winter, you can experience ski tours or cross country skiing in Valmorel.


Reboot fitness and weight-loss camps are one of the most affordable boot camps. It is run from a rectory near the Dorset coast, southern England. You can stay in a shared room with up to four people or get a double room. Typical sessions (total of 25 sessions over the 5-day period) include circuits, boxing, sea swim, massage, nutritional workshops, and yoga, which are great for those who want to kick start their fitness.

If you are not the type of people that likes to spend their work-free days lying on a beach and getting tanned, but want to be as physically active as possible, then these interesting resorts are for you. Carefully planned exercise sessions, comprised of activities that range from typical fitness training to hiking and kayaking, will provide you with a total-body workout and make you feel truly recharged and motivated.


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