Best Wildlife Holidays

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When it comes to finding the right destination for your wildlife holiday experience, the world is your oyster. Our planet Earth (that we mistreat in inexplicable ways) is so wide and so gorgeous that there are hardly any words fitting to describe it. Thrilling? Yes. Amazing? Absolutely. Stunning? Without a doubt.

The beautiful (but also kind of unsettling) thing about traveling around the globe is that it is virtually impossible to pinpoint everywhere in the world where you’d potentially enjoy the amazing wildlife; still, we’ve given it our best to single out some of the most exhilarating destination for you to see and revel in. Well, at least this time around.

Please note that none of the destinations we’ve listed below are geographically organized – thinking of what destinations to list and in what order was more of a “oh, that one, too!” situation.

Here we go:

Galapagos Islands

One of the most biologically diverse areas on the planet, the Galapagos Islands are a must for any wildlife enthusiast. Charles Darwin began to form his theory of evolution here and it’s easy to see why! The archipelago is gorgeous in every sense of the word and animals that are found there live nowhere else on Earth. What’s particularly interesting about the Galapagos Islands is that birds that inhabit it aren’t afraid of humans. This will make it easy for you to snap as many photographs as you like!

Wildlife 2

Wildlife in Europe

If you are living in Europe, wildlife is just a few steps away from you; well, not really a few steps, but you know what we mean. While not even remotely celebrated as it should be, Europe’s wildlife is no less impressive than that of other exotic locations. Regardless of your primary wildlife interests (whales, wolves, birds, bears, you name it) you’ll be shocked and amazed to find an exciting range of wildlife encounters on this lovely continent.

Grizzly Bears in the Rockies

For those who aren’t that familiar with Grizzly species, it’s interesting to learn that they are a subspecies of brown bears that are amongst the eight remaining bear species on the planet.

It is still possible to spot brown bears around, and we bet that being in the presence of such powerful and huge creatures will blow your mind! What’s more, the sights you’ll experience will make perfect scenarios for memorable photographs and videos you’ll definitely be re-watching for years to come. It is crucial to have proper equipment such as wireless trail cameras, external HDDs to back up all the data and chargers that will make all that equipment operative. The question is – are you brave enough?


Antarctica is one of those rare places on Earth that’s still not owned by anyone, and it’s so beautiful that there isn’t really a place we could compare it to. Despite the general opinion of Antarctica as being stripped off of all the natural beauties, the truth is quite the opposite – seal colonies, whales, several penguin species and albatrosses are species that call this frozen desert home. Deciding to go to Antarctica may actually change your view on the wildlife altogether.

Polar bears in the Arctic

Polar bears are that one lovely face associated to the ugly problem of global warming, and there’s probably not a single person out there who wouldn’t love seeing a polar bear up close. Given how important the conservation status of polar bears is (maybe more important than ever), everyone is making sure that your bear watching holiday is run sensibly. To help conserve these magnificent creatures, every polar bear watching holiday is run with utmost care to minimize the (negative) environmental impacts. However, this doesn’t mean you’d enjoy it any less!

Whale watching

Watching whales is that WOW moment you simply have to allow yourself to experience if you get the chance. Guess what? If you are really interested in picking up this wildlife adventure, you are in luck – this particular activity is getting increasingly popular and very widespread with boat trips, so maybe you should book your ride? Hey, and don’t worry about whale or your personal safety – all whale watching is run responsibly so that neither these ocean giants nor you are disturbed.

It was unbelievably difficult to pick out just a few destinations to suggest out of the whole amazing bunch. We’ll make sure we recommend other wonders next time around but for now – make sure you enjoy your time and snap a lot of photos!

This is a guest post by Diana Smith – a full time mom of two beautiful girls, great animal lover and a passionate traveler.


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