Don’t Miss Out on These Adventurous Vacation Ideas

We spend a lot of time these days watching television. Or using our mobile phones. Or using our mobile phones while we’re watching television. We’re also at work a lot. This makes us want to take a long vacation. But the problem is that we’re often just as tuned into technology while we’re on vacation as we are every day at home!

The best way to take a break from all of that is to take a vacation that gets your blood pumping. That sends some adrenaline coursing through your system. Here are some vacation ideas that will get your juices flowing.


Hiking is absolutely incredible for your body. It improves your muscular strength and your cardiovascular fitness. It’s an amazing activity, but you should be prepared for it. People hear about hiking and assume that it’s just a fancy word for walking in a slightly upwards direction. But it can actually take a lot more out of you than you’d think. Try getting your strength up before you leave! It will be totally worth it, though. Hikers get to see some stunning sights across our mountain-filled country. Check out American Hiking for more details.

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Chances are you’ve already experienced camping at some point in your life. Many people first went on a camping trip when they were kids! But don’t dismiss just because you’ve already done it. Camping is one of the most affordable ways to have an adventurous vacation. You could also combine it with hiking to add to the thrill of both activities! Because you can camp pretty much anyway (law permitting), you can travel as far out as you’d like. Find out more about this classic activity at Rolling Fox.

Scuba diving

Many people wonder why we don’t spend more time exploring the oceans like we explore outer space. These people make a fair point. After all, the oceans makes up well over half of our planet. And yet we actually don’t know all that much about it. It’s a strange and beautiful world in that thing. So why not spend some time exploring it yourself? Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is probably the most famous scuba-diving spot in the world. But there are plenty of places in the U.S. with amazing spots. Find out more at Dive Advisor.


You may wonder what exactly it is I just typed out. Did I just misspell hiking? Didn’t I already put hiking on this list? Maybe it’s a misspelling of Helsinki? It’s neither. Heliskiing refers to the art of skiing that involves the use of a helicopter instead of a skylift. This allows you to reach even greater heights. Colorado and Canada are great places for it. Check out Helitrax for more info.


Okay, so going on a cruise may not sound as “thrilling” or “adventurous” as the other ideas on this list. But if you don’t have the strength for the above activities, you can still take part in a vacation that lets you see more of the world.


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