Should You Visit Greece? Absolutely! Here’s Why

One thing we can all agree on is that Greece is a country rich with culture and history. Each year, millions of tourists visit the Mediterranean nation. Many people enjoy their time in the country so much; they travel there again in the future!

These days, Greece is experiencing economic turmoil. Many Greek people, especially those in the public sector, struggle to make a living. The country needed to borrow money from Eurozone banks to avoid becoming bankrupt.

They are also facing battles on other fronts too. The situation in Iraq and Syria has made Greece a prime location for migrants to enter the EU illegally. Still, despite what you often read in the media, Greece is still a country worthy of your visit. Here’s why:

Greek hospitality is second to none

One of the things almost everyone will say about the country is that the Greek people are lovely! It doesn’t matter whether you need directions or help finding somewhere good to eat. Greek people are kind and hospitable.

These days, the Greek people will be even more than happy to see you. Especially as tourism makes up nearly one-fifth of the country’s GDP! As you can imagine, Greece wants more tourists to visit to boost their economy.

What you can expect from your visit is a friendly, first-class service throughout. There are few other places in Europe where you will get treated so well. Even if you happened to book a “luxury” holiday!

Buying a holiday home out there is now more affordable than ever

Fancy becoming the proud owner of a magnificent villa? If so, the dream is most achievable in Greece right now! When you look at the homes for sale in Greece, you’ll notice one thing. The prices are well within most people’s means!

As both a tourist and a homebuyer, you can expect superb value for money in Greece right now. So, if you live in a wetter part of Europe, why not bask in the sun from a new holiday home in Greece?

Fewer tourists mean a more enjoyable time

It’s no secret that the country’s economic woes have meant that tourists shy away from Greece. To be honest, there is no reason to do so! The country is still open for business. All the top tourist sites are still around and there for everyone’s enjoyment.

You can take advantage of the fact that fewer tourists frequent the European nation. And if you’re not buying a holiday home in the country, you can enjoy better choice of hotels and villas!

You won’t stuck without money

There is a limit imposed on the amount of cash you can withdraw each day. But, that doesn’t mean you will ever be stuck without money! As with all modern countries, you can also pay for things by card.

Sure, some retailers may only accept cash payments. But, you can still use plastic to cover your expenses in the country. Don’t assume you need to walk around with a pocket full of Euros. Of course, that’s never a good idea anyway from a safety point of view!


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