Backpacking or Roadtripping? 5 Cooking Items to Take Along With You

Road to Hampi, Karnataka (India). Photo credit:  Abhisawa

Road to Hampi, Karnataka (India). Photo credit: Abhisawa

Backpacking and road tripping have their difference, but they also have their similarities! Both need a certain spirit, grit, and determination. Both require the traveler to leave their usual amenities and even luxuries behind for a while. Instead, these have to be replaced with things that won’t take up lots of space in your backpack or your car trunk. One category of these items that is really important is food, of course. Having food with you, instead of buying it has multiple benefits. First up, it means you can eat when you want. You don’t have to wait to find an open cafe or diner on the route! You can also save a lot of money this way! So, which cooking items must you take along with you. Let’s break down seven of the most important ones.

Sauce Pan

One of the most important items you should take if you aren’t staying in traditional accommodation is a sauce pan. This will save your bacon in a number of cooking scenarios. For starters, above a fire, you can use it to warm up warm. This can then make you tea, or coffee, or other hot drinks. It can also be added to pots of pasta and noodles that need cooking with just boiling water. You can also use your pan to warm up thinks like a nice creamy canned soup. Foods like this come in tins so won’t be large or heavy in your trunk or backpack. Plus, there is something really comforting about warm food when you are out in nature!


If you are not camping and are road tripping to different hotels and hostels, pack a kettle. You could take your own from home. However, it may make more sense to invest in a travel-sized one. That way you can carry this more easily in your packing. Some hotels and hostels now charge you to hire a kettle. You don’t want this! Take your own and preempt any sort of charge. You’ll always have a plug socket you can use. Just don’t also forget…


A great source of energy, packing some coffee granules will help keep your energy up during the trip. The pan you have packed can make hot water over a campfire, or you can just plug your travel kettle in if you’re in accommodation. Hey presto, hot morning coffee as if you’re in Starbucks (almost!)

Water bottle

No, we don’t mean a cheap, thin plastic one that will start to crumple after a couple of days. We mean one that is sturdy enough to last the entire trip. You might find it handy to get one that comes with a handle, so you can carry it easily when walking or hiking.

Salt and pepper

Beat bland food while you are on the road with a little salt and pepper. Put them into plastic containers so they are lighter. If you have a BBQ with basic meats, a little seasoning will make all the difference to things like burgers and chicken.


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