Don’t Miss These Destinations on Your Australia Trip


Australia is such a large country; it’s hard to get around and see everything during your stay. Are you unsure of where you want to visit? If so, check out our guide below, of awesome locations you need to see during your trip.


An island state, Tasmania is an often forgotten about part of Australia. But it is definitely worth a visit. With a temperate ocean climate and beautiful scenery, Tasmania is a pleasant addition to any Australian trip. Soak up the beautiful scenery and beaches. Or check out the historical architecture in Hobart, Australia’s second oldest city after Sydney. If you have a sweet tooth, make sure you go to Chocolate Winterfest in August for some delicious treats.

North Western Australias

Often overlooked for Sydney and the Gold Coast, there is the beautiful wilderness in the Kimberley, North Western Australia. The best way to experience the Kimberley is by taking the Gibb Road, which is the old 4WD trip route. This is the route that they used to drive cattle along from Wyndham to Derby in the 60’s. You’ll need 14 days to do the whole 660 km, as there are so many things to see along the way. Start from Broome in the west, or Kununurra in the East,as it’s easy to get a flights to those towns. You can even rent an RV or camper at Broome for your trip, but don’t forget to pack your cooking gear and other camping necessities.


Make sure you make the most of Broome, while you are there as it’s a great place to see.  It is known for its pearling industry and seafood; the town hosts a traditional Japanese cemetery. Or you could soak up some sun a the beautiful cable beach and when you get bored enjoy a camel ride. Or pop a log to Roebuck Bay, where you can see the Stairway To The Moon and look around the food and crafts markets.


A coastal city, Perth boast some beautiful sandy beaches. It is the capital of Western Australia, and there is a lot of memorable experiences to have here. One such experience is Penguin Island, where you can take a boat trip out to see the penguins, sealions, and dolphins. But remember not to book your trip in July or August as that is nesting season and you can’t disturb the penguins then. Or why not check out an alfresco movie at Northbridge Piazza or the Winter Arts Festival to soak up some culture?

Great Barrier Reef

So big you can see it from space, the Great Barrier Reef is somewhere that you do not want to miss on your trip to Australia. Made up of many chains of islands of hard and soft coral, the reef is a vital habitat for hundreds of species of marine life. You can snorkel, dive or go on a glass-bottomed boat tour. Or even take a seaplane trip to the reef to see if from the air. Whatever you do, don’t miss Australia’s greatest natural wonder.



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