Perth: Everything You Need to Know When Travelling to Western Australia

Australia is a vast country with many destinations that you could consider visiting. But sometimes you find that Western Australia is often forgotten. Mainly outback there is one glistening city that most people have heard of. That would be the mining city called Perth. Known for it’s hot summers and mild winters this city is a great place to consider when travelling. Which is why I thought i would explore this destination in more detail.

Perth Cityscape

Perth Cityscape

The culture

The culture of Perth is varied. Music lovers will love coming here for the live music that is on offer in the centre and surrounding areas including Fremantle. There’s everything from rock bands through to the chilled out vibes of Jazz, which is enough to seduce even the lighter music genre within you. If you are into your comedy, then you are in for a treat, as there are many places you can go to see some of the upcoming live acts. If attending museums are more your thing, then Perth’s Cultural Centre houses the Western Australia Art Gallery and also the museum. Which are always worth a visit. The museum showcases the early ancient days through to the European settlement. Which is an interesting subject for anyone into their history.

The food

For the foodie lovers amongst us then Perth has an excellent food scene to entice your taste buds. The foodie scene continues to change on an almost weekly basis. With many new bars, cafes and restaurants to try. Covering cuisines from all over the world. If you want spanish flavours, then there is a place for you. If you want to try the best steak in Perth at Tony Roma’s then go for it, I doubt you will be disappointed. You could sample some French delights, or have something more low key and Australian. There is no shortage of eateries catering to all budgets and tastes. The only decision you will have to make is where to try first.

T3 silver kris lounge1

The nightlife

Everyone in Australia makes a big deal out of the weekend. You will find that most places are fairly quiet during the week. But there are many hotspots to consider from Thursday evening right through till Sunday. This is where you can put your best dress on and paint the town red. You have the usual nightclubs and bar scene. Catering for the classiest of cocktails to the different ales and lagers available. But Perth also has a strong indie scene which should be sampled during your stay.

The things you should do and see

There are plenty of things you should do to take up your time in Perth. Of course, we have mentioned the museums available. However there are other things you could enjoy that may cater for everyone’s interests. You could take a stroll around the riverside Kings Park and Botanic Gardens. Offering a treat all year round. Or why not head to the theatre or ballet and watch an award winning performance. The options are endless.

I hope this has inspired you to consider Perth as one of your not holiday hotspots.



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