5 Ultimate Yoga Destinations


Yoga is a discipline that has been popular in India for hundreds of years. It is not a sport – it is a way of life. During the last few decades, it gained enormous popularity in the western world. This ancient unique form of fitness can be practiced in the gym, but the best way to improve your mental health and inner well-being is by practicing it in specialized yoga retreats. And the beauty of it all is that these retreats are purely for yoga lovers. There, you can find accommodation, yoga sessions and special diet plans.



Ashram is a residence of a particular guru, but it is also a religious retreat. These residences are located in India. Most of them have very strict regimes – they don’t allow TV, mobile phones, cigarettes etc. Followers have daily chores as well as prayers, meditations, and yoga sessions. Although you can surely benefit from these strict regimes, it is not suitable for everybody. For those who cannot or don’t want to follow these regimes, there are some more tourist friendly ashrams in India.


Ultimate Heavens

In Europe, there are a few places where you can go and recharge your batteries by doing yoga. One of those places is set in the mountains, between Cannes and St. Tropez, and it gives you a bit different outlook. There, apart from yoga sessions, you can have painting or cookery lessons, songwriting or singing classes. Another retreat, also in France, is in Angouleme. Here you can enjoy the countryside and specially prepared vegetarian and vegan meals. One of the retreats that are giving you the opportunity to enjoy the fresh mountain air while practicing yoga is in Montana, USA. It is called “Cowgirl Yoga” and it is a place with a kick. It gives you a chance to interact with horses and to groom them, so it combines two techniques that are very beneficial – yoga and hippotherapy. In South Africa, Durban, there is an 11-days program which includes not only yoga but also massages, specially prepared meals and – as a special treat – diving or safari tours.


Special Offers

In San Carlos in Brazil, there is a unique retreat that offers six different types of yoga: Yin, Partner, Karma, Mandala, Hatha and Kundalini. These types are all focusing on different techniques and they can help you improve your general well – being. It also offers silent walks and meditation. There are also many different yoga retreats in Mexico, Hawaii, Costa Rica, the Bahamas or in Bali. If you are practicing yoga long enough and you have a constant drive to make some changes, you can take yoga course online and become a certified yoga teacher. There, you will learn all about Ayurveda, nutrition and lifestyle. Once you finish these lessons, you will become a licensed yoga teacher, which will provide you with the opportunity to teach this beautiful discipline all over the world.

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Yoga Festivals

When you become a licensed yoga teacher, you shouldn’t miss out on yoga festivals, held all over the world. These events are usually held in the late summer. They consist of weekends of asana, meditation, and spiritual bonding. There is no better way to say goodbye to summer than from the beaches of Los Angeles.


Change Your Career

Once you start practicing yoga, you never know where is it going to take you. It does change your life, your health, and your mindset very much. If you ever stayed in some of the retreats, you definitely know the feeling of wanting to go back. If you are dedicated enough, you can make yoga teaching your profession – it can be a good career change. As a yoga teacher, you can bring peace and tranquility to others, and knowing that you helped someone a great deal may lead you to personal nirvana.


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