To Russia With Love: Your Romantic Getaway

Photo credit: Jacqueline Macou |

Photo credit: Jacqueline Macou |

Russia conjures up images of timeless squares, ornate buildings, dazzling frozen landscapes and a country steeped in rich culture and tradition. What is often overlooked is that it contains many cosmopolitan cities where tradition meets hip, contemporary living. Russia makes for a dreamy, romantic getaway for you and your significant other.

Imagine sitting with your loved one, sipping champagne, as a stunning snowy landscape whizzes past your train window. This is the type of service offered by companies such as The Trans Siberian Travel Company. You can enjoy a luxury service and comfortable en-suite rooms as you travel to multiple Russian towns and cities. This is a great way to see some of the more remote areas of Russia in style and comfort and stop at several beautiful destinations.


As the country’s thriving capital city, it’s difficult not to include this in your travel itinerary. Experience the historic Red Square and take a tour around the Kremlin. There are many galleries and museums to visit to bring to life thousands of years of Russian arts and culture.

To escape the bustle of the city, take a trip to The Apothecaries’ Garden, which are the botanic gardens of Moscow State University. The gardens are open all year round. During the winter months, you can enjoy the ice sculpture exhibition and orchid festival. While spring and summer bring colorful exotic flowers.

St Basil's Cathedral | Photo credit: Alina Kuptsova |

St Basil’s Cathedral | Photo credit: Alina Kuptsova |

Take in views of Moscow’s river, bridges, and rooftops from the observation deck at the Academy of Science. And movie buffs will love Mosfilm studios, where you can journey back to the 19th century and walk through the historic streets of Moscow. Many Hollywood films were shot here, including the romantic Doctor Zhivago.

Vladivostok | Photo source:

Vladivostok | Photo source:


Vladivostok is a Pacific port city close to the borders with China and North Korea. This is a picturesque city with mountains and the beautiful Golden Horn Bay. There is a lot to discover here, including the modern Russian Opera House. Here you can enjoy opera, ballets, and symphonies on one of the three stages. The summer stage is open between spring and autumn each year.

Take the funicular up to the viewing platform of Vladivostok, at the top of Eagle’s Nest Hill. This is the highest point in Vladivostok and offers panoramic views of the city. Don’t forget your camera.

The pedestrian bridge over Zolotoy Rog Bay and the lighthouse on Egersheld Peninsula offer stunning sea views, weather permitting.

You can’t travel to Russia without taking part in some of their traditions. The banya or sauna is one of these. They usually comprise a washroom and steam room and branches containing oak and eucalyptus are used for massage.

Another area not to be missed is Sukhanov Park, where you can borrow a classic or literary fiction from the open, public library. Here, members of the public are encouraged to take a book and sit down and read on one of the many nearby benches. You can also take along any books you would like to set free and share with someone else.

When you plan your next romantic getaway, keep Russia in mind, and in particular Moscow and Vladivostok. Or, combine them both with an unforgettable journey on the Trans Siberian Railway.


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  2. Honestly if we were to re-honey moon again and do choose Russia, it will have to be St Petersburg. Because it did not get transformed into a soviet city and was left mostly in its original state, which is great!

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