Up North In A Land Down Under: Discovering Kimberley, Australia

When many people think about a trip to Australia, they think of the glorious sandy beaches and the buzzing metropolises of Melbourne and Sydney. Not as well known, Kimberley is located right in the far north of the country. Those with a sense of adventure and a desire to see some places off the beaten track will fall in love with this region. Its distinctive landscape and rugged natural beauty are just two of the reasons people are starting to discover this part of the world. Here are some of the top sights if you are planning a trip up here.

Horizontal Falls

If you know absolutely nothing about this place, its turquoise waters will be the most pleasant surprise. And there’s no better place to see them than the Horizontal Falls. None other than Sir David Attenborough labelled it ‘one of the world’s greatest wonders’, so you know it’s going to be truly sublime. You can experience the falls by air or by water on one of the Kimberley expedition cruises which gives you an opportunity to get up close and personal with them. Both are unforgettable and allow you to experience a unique side of the mighty falls.

Mitchell Falls

Okay, you may think it’s just another waterfall and there doesn’t need to be more than one mentioned in this blog, but the Mitchell Falls deserve an exception. The problem is that they are very remote, but once you arrive, the journey will be worth it. The contrast of the water against the orange-red rock is something to behold, as is the way one waterfall flows into the next. The fact that it is so difficult to get here means you are seeing something that many travellers can only dream of.


This pretty little town facing the Indian Ocean will more than likely be a stopping point for you. Broome serves as a good base to relax for a couple of days under the ever shining sun before heading out on more adventurous trips. Widely considered one of the finest beaches in the entire country, Cable Beach is just a short walk away and is a largely untouched stretch of sand. This is the place to go if you are looking for a beautiful sunset, with the sun appearing bright red as it descends.

Purnululu National Park

No trip to this part of the world would be complete without visiting Purnululu National Park. There is nowhere else in Australia that looks quite like it, and amazingly it was only discovered in 1983. The orange and black striped mountains are the image that many people come away with. Like much of the rest of the region, it is very difficult to access and many people come in on a scenic flight. It is also worth exploring on foot too. Sights such as Cathedral Gorge, Echidna Chasm and various other lookout spots require a lot of walking. If you are in good physical health, the rewards are all there for you!



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