Visiting Australia: Wonder At The Land Down Under

Australia is an incredible country, but, even if you already know that you want to visit this mysterious land on the other side of the earth, you most likely have no idea where to begin. You can’t see it all, unless you have a few years of free time, endless amounts of money and endless amounts of energy, for that matter. Still, there’s no need to be disheartened. If you want a little help getting started with approaching this mammoth land down under, here are some tips and tricks as to the best places to visit and the coolest things to see in this beautiful, wild and limitless part of the world.

Go on a road trip

If you don’t want to sit still whilst in Australia, which I can completely understand, then you should go on an adventure which completely revolves around keeping on the move. Road trips are one of the best ways to experience the outback, as this is a country full of endless plains, wild, untamed forests and deserts which span vast swaths of this overwhelming land. People often associate a journey on the road with the US, but Australia has just as much to offer in terms of straight and narrow roads which disappear off into the horizon.

See some animals

Whether you want to or not, you’re going to see some incredible wildlife in Australia, so this is essentially a needless piece of advice. Nonetheless, I wanted to talk about some of the most exotic and wonderful creatures you should see whilst down under. You could pop to a zoo and see some of the cute little koalas and kangaroos, or you could go the extra mile: you could swim with the dolphins.

I wouldn’t recommend heading off into the outback and going up to a wild kangaroo, of course, but this is a great, safe alternative for those animal lovers among you who want to really interact with some of the loveable, exotic creatures exclusive to this unique country. You can view animals from behind the glass anywhere in the world, so take the opportunity to experience something different.

See natural landmarks

Sunset in Australia is unlike sunset anywhere else in the world. When you see the fading light of day disappear over the Flinders Ranges in South Australia, that’s a sight you’ll never forget. If you need inspiration for picturesque places to visit, here are some Australian Instagram accounts to follow documenting some of the craziest (and tamest, probably) travelling experiences out there. Australia is a beautiful country from top to bottom, but you can only truly appreciate it in person, so take your pick out of any photograph you see online. Any natural site you choose to visit will most likely blow you away when you see it in its physical form, so you really can’t go wrong.

Experience Melbourne in style

Melbourne and Sydney are two of the greatest cities to visit in Australia, but if you want an incentive to visit the former, there’s a great tram which can take you on a nine-mile journey through the city past iconic buildings, such as the Museum and State Parliament. You could even stop at the beach along the way if you need a break from all that cultural eye candy.


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