A Journey of Senses Through Sydney

Sydney is the most populous cities in Australia, so it’s not easy to believe that a little over 300 years ago, Sydney was still inhabited by Aborigines. But in 1788, Sydney became the first European settlement, and over the past centuries, its long transformation from a colonial outpost into a major cultural and economic centre has given it its particular character. Despite being one of the most expensive cities in the world, Sydney also ranks amongst the cities with the best quality of life. Man-made attractions, natural landscapes and world-famous events attract millions of tourists every year to this vibrant capital of New South Wales. It’s still difficult to dress a list of everything there is to do in Sydney, but international tourists agree that a holiday in Sydney is a sensory journey to the centre of its culture, whether you love food, nature, history, arts or all of it, Sydney is a place of thousands of wonders.

Open your senses in Sydney

Open your senses in Sydney

Eat: Book a Table at The Restaurant of The Year

If you are an enthusiastic gourmet, you can choose to check the restaurant of the year in the Time Out Sydney Food Awards. The current winner is Hubert, a French-style restaurant that glorifies the Belle Epoque in Paris. If you are not one for duck rillettes, aïoli and roasted chicken, you can have a look for inspiring great thai food Baulkham Hills, in Bella Vista suburb, is one area to stop by to taste noodles like you’ve never tasted before. This is the address for authentic Asian cuisine in the north-west of Sydney.

Experience: Go Naturally Wild

If you are up for a slightly more adventurous tour of Sydney, you need to plan some gorgeous activities during your stay. From the longest running attraction park, the Luna Park, to a visit to the Botanic Gardens, there’s a lot to do and to see. Sydney doesn’t have to be all about museums and history: You can find plenty of sporty outdoors activities to let you enjoy the breathtaking sceneries that this beautiful city has to offer. You can even plan a walk on top of the Harbour Bridge if you want to experience a more active side of Sydney.

Visit the Luna Park

Visit the Luna Park

Understand: Embrace The Aboriginal Culture

While a lot of people are aware of the Aboriginal history, too many still believe that this is an area of the past. In truth, the Aboriginal culture is still very much alive and respected everyday, so take a guided tour into one of the world’s oldest culture continuous culture. You will learn about traditional fishing and sailing practices that have enabled the Aborigines to set foot in Australia and conquer its landscapes.

Aboriginal dancers

Aboriginal dancers

Feel: Embrace Love, Loss And Renewal

Sydney has many art museums and galleries, so if you want to experience a form of art that changes your perspective of the world, look for Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden in the north of town. At the death of her husband, the painter Brett Whiteley, Wendy created a green canvas of natural shapes and smells to channel her grief. The place is an enchantment for the artistic soul as you walk through wild herbs and large fig trees, and maybe come to term with your own sorrows and worries.

Wendy’s Garden

Wendy’s Garden


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