Best Destination Ideas for Atypical Wedding Venues in Australia

What comes to mind when someone mentions a wedding? Delicate flower arrangements, an opulent white dress, a traditional ceremony, and a classy reception is what most people think of first. However, some prefer their big day to be more memorable and less predictable. Here are some fun suggestions for all those who are intrigued by the idea of having an unusual wedding. These are our top picks for memorable wedding venues in Australia.

Have a Criminally Good Time at Old Melbourne Gaol

When you mention having a wedding at an old gaol, you know there’s a ball and chain joke in there somewhere. But, in all seriousness, while the Old Melbourne Gaol is certainly an unconventional wedding venue, it’s also quite charming. The building dates back to mid-19th century, and was used as a gaol until 1929. While the purpose it served was grim, it cannot be denied that the very walls are imbued with fascinating history. The venue is not only available for hire, it offers entertainment too. Just imagine having the infamous criminal Ned Kelly as one of your wedding guests! All of your guests are welcomed by a sergeant who will arrest them, take their fingerprints, and usher them into the cell block. Talk about originality!

Melbourne Gaol: photo from National trust

The Breathlessness of an Underwater Wedding

Underwater weddings are not a new idea, but they are certainly still rare. After all, they’re not exactly the simplest thing to pull off. But for those who are crazy about the ocean, there’s no place more magical, serene and otherworldly – in other words – there’s no place they would rather tie the knot. To be fair, it really is hard to find a more stunning backdrop for your wedding than the Great Barrier Reef – one of the most gorgeous natural wonders on the planet. Couples who are passionate about diving or snorkeling can even exchange their vows underwater with the help of special communication devices.

Great Barrier Reef: photo from Flick creative commons by Dix_pics1

Feel the Love at a Tropical Rainforest Wedding

Binding your love in the ageless, yet ancient tropical rainforest lends an almost primal force to the act. The lush forests of Queensland offer exactly this. The Wet Tropics of Queensland are on the UNESCO World Heritage list for their lush and rich plant and animal life. And, believe it or not, another UNESCO protected treasure, the Great Barrier Reef is right off the coast. Nestled in this natural trove of wonders, you will find the Misty Mountains Rainforest Retreat. This luxurious retreat near Cairns offers breathtaking weddings under the canopy of centuries old trees.

rainforest wedding

Rainforest wedding: photo from Pexels

A Movie Inspired Wedding for Ultimate Film Buffs

If love of the seventh art is what brought you and your future spouse together, why not incorporate it into your wedding day? Movie inspired weddings are not that hard to pull off, and they can take place at any venue. All they require is some imagination and plenty of attention to detail. Star Wars or Trekkie themed receptions are pretty common, as are Harry Potter ones. Some couples are inspired by fairytales, such as Aladdin, and others are passionate about vampires – with Twilight being the most popular direct inspiration. Plenty of men are crazy about the Transformers, so it’s not unusual to have Optimus Prime at the wedding. Or you can surprise the significant Transformers fan in your life, and arrive in style – just check out awesome bumblebee cars in Sydney.  As you may recall, the car, which is a Chevy Camaro, features heavily in the film.

bumblebee cars

Transformers Bumblebee: photo from Flickr creative commons

Of course, every wedding is special in its own right. After all, it is your big day, and the love between you and your partner will make it one of the most beautiful days of your lives, however you decide to celebrate it. But, if you have an adventurous spirit, take the plunge and try out one of our suggestions for a day that you will never forget.


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