Push Yourself. The Toughest Challenges in the World

Mount Everest | Photo credit: Nick | Source: flickr.com

So you fancy pushing yourself to a whole new limit this year?  Excellent.  We love a tough challenge and take our hats off to anyone who sets a goal, trains hard and pushes through the pain until they achieve it.

Across the world there are so many global adventure challenges you can take on, so we have pulled together a few of the toughest which will inspire you to take it to the next level.  However you need to ensure you are at the top of your fitness game, so don’t even think about taking these bad boys on unless you are in great condition.  They are pretty awesome goals to work to though!

Run the Everest Marathon

Ok so a normal marathon is way too easy right? So why not take it a little bit off the slick streets of your local city and head to  the 5,184m high start line of the Everest Marathon, at Gorak Shep in Nepal. The 16th edition of the ‘world’s highest marathon’ will be held in November this year, and although it is mostly downhill, it will take you over rough mountain trails as you run the gruelling 42km to the finish in the Sherpa town of Namche Bazaar. Note – road marathon experience is not sufficient on its own.  You are going to need to take a few mountain marathons before you decide to take this bucket list challenge on.

Paddle from Devizes to London

What could be so tough about an event in the little British county of Wiltshire? Well, we’ll tell you.  The Devizes Westminster International Canoe Marathon is the longest nonstop canoe race in the world, where competitors paddle up to 30 hours non-stop, 200 kilometres through the night.  Yes, we said 30 hours, non stop.  The cut off is dictated by the turning of the tide on the Thames – so miss that and you won’t just miss the Westminster Bridge finish but you won’t finish at all.  That’s kind of worse than crossing the finish line last.  Again, don’t think that this is a challenge for anyone who enjoys a canoe part time.  You are going to burn way before you reach the halfway point.

Cycle up Mont Ventoux three times

As if once wasn’t enough.  The local French club who organises this race up the ‘giant of Provence’ calls itself ‘the mad men of Ventoux’ for good reason. This barren, wind-swept and sun-baked extinct volcano subjects riders to a merciless exposure, with winds at the treeless summit often reaching 100kmh. This event makes you cycle up all three of its ascents in one day, clocking up a leg-bending 4,443m of ascent in just 68km.  This is something that we can’t even imagine getting involved with, but if you enjoy pain? Go get on it.


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