The Destinations of Choice for a European Escape

From the bistro bars of Paris to the perfumes of Florence and the mountains of Switzerland and the cold of Salzburg – Europe has a great deal to offer to a traveler. No matter your budget from the gold standard to the shoestring, you can still have Europe in the palm of your hand.

Before you go, it pays to pay attention to your travel documents – thanks to the Schengen Zone, most countries do allow free travel through borders – but some don’t. Sites like allow you to do your research so you aren’t stuck at a border for nights on end, ruining your trip!

Barabinsk Station on Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia (1990) | Photo credit:

Let’s start right on the frontier of Europe. Russia can offer a lot – especially if you are traveling from the east. Landing at the Pacific city of Vladivostok, you can travel west on the Trans-Siberian railroad which offers carriages for all budgets. From grand rooms to military-esque bunks, everyone can get on the Trans-Siberian Express and speed across the European and Asian border in just under a week on this lifetime experience. The 5,772 miles from Vladivostok on the east to Moscow on the western side of Russia takes just over six days to complete in full. From Moscow, you can journey down to Volgograd to stand in awe of The Motherland Calls, a statue which dominates the former site of the battle of Stalingrad – or you can journey north to the snows of St. Petersburg which will allow you to access Scandinavia.

Mainland Europe offers a lot as well.

If you want sun, sea and history then the capital of Greece, Athens – has a lot to offer you. A favored destination for an eon, Athens is fall of history – from the impressive Acropolis and Parthenon right through to the statues of ancient Greek civilization – the history buff in you will fall head over heels for Athens.

Acropolis of Athens, Greece | Source:

While it isn’t the capital of Italy, Milan is a thriving hub of fashion and culture. Renowned worldwide – the impressive Duomo, palaces, fashion boutiques and museums call Milan home. If you are a shopper, vibrant Milan might very well be your home away from home.

Owned or conquered by Prussia, Germany, Pomerania, and Poland – Gdansk or Danzig is one of the world’s oldest ports, and history has shaped the city into what it is today – a bustling hub of culture and of course, seafood. Amazingly, Gdansk is one of Europe’s most unique destinations as well, thanks to its unmistakable architecture.

Vienna | Source:

Vienna, the heart of Austria and the ancient Austro-Hungarian empire has been the capital of Europe for centuries thanks to its Habsburg roots. The city has a great reputation, fantastic food, beautiful buildings and is split thanks to the marvelous presence of the Danube which leads to the east. The famous Viennese coffee houses which birthed the greatest minds in Europe are also still standing.

And that’s just a slice of Europe, but if you need escape, you won’t need much more prompting that the cities listed above.


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