Best Destinations for a Summer Romance

There’s something wicked about summer (it’s all the hot, sweaty bodies around, probably) that makes (almost) all of our inhibitions go absolutely out of control! This is how it usually happens: one moment you’re thinking “okay, this time around I’ll just get my tan on, get my mind in order, sleep and enjoy the wonderful nature of my chosen destination” and the next – you are the life of that barely-know-him-hot-guy-from-the-beach party! Oh well… when life gives you hotness… you make a lemonade. Or was that for lemons?

Hey, stop that self-shame! Live a little – it’s totally fine!

If the upcoming summer is your aimed time to enjoy a summer fling, the best parties and exotic scenarios you haven’t had the luck to see before, here are three of the best places to meet hunky foreigners, see some spectacular nature and have the time of your life!



It is very hot out, but romance is in the air. While you’re casually sipping your cold drink with a colorful umbrella in it at the local bar, enjoying the European charm, laughter and complete carelessness about dress code, an Italian comes up and offers to buy you a drink. His English is pretty bad, but his posture very exotic. He’ll probably (try to) kiss you right there and then – after all, that Mediterranean temperament is off the charts, especially in the summer! This is where your dolche vita starts! He’ll whisk you away to Venice for the weekend and you’ll enjoy the rich Adriatic air; the sound of the water lapping against the foundations of your accommodation will make your blood boil. You’ll dine at the best restaurants, enjoying the Mediterranean cuisine and drink the best wines. You’ll drink espresso sulla piazza in Rome and love the local pizza in Venice. At night, your hot-blooded Italiano will take you dancing and… should we continue?



Standing (almost) secluded, the Land Down Under is a dream come true for everyone who is looking to spice things up and choose the unusual. While the rest of the world is sweating under their winter coats and hats, Australia is beaming in sunshine, a summer breeze, overwhelming waves and such a fantastic climate that you’ll never want to go back home. Opting for a nice luxury accommodation in Sydney will absolutely pay off, since there are so many lush options, you can’t even imagine it. Aussies have always had an eye for interior design. Your travels through the Great Barrier Reef and Hobart will help you re-connect with nature, while visiting Melbourne will absolutely charm you. Darwin is where you’ll be meeting friendly and dangerously hot Aussies in local bars or out at the beach, partying! Hey, they swim almost throughout the entire year, which helps their bodies look the way they do! Sydney is where you go for culture, a cosmopolitan feel and excitement. Apart from the fabulous beaches and turquoise waters, you’ll get to enjoy rich, deluxe resorts, fantastic restaurants, monuments of culture that will leave you breathless and a perfect night life.



Needless to say, this is the ultimate destination to get your blood boiling with excitement and your mind go coo-coo with all the gorgeous people in this phenomenal country! The music, the wildlife, the beaches, and most importantly the people – it’s crazy. As you already know, “wherever there’s music, that carefree lust for life tends to appear – whether dancing with cariocas at Rio’s atmospheric samba clubs or following powerful drumbeats through the streets of Salvador.”

Brazil is absolutely captivating! Its verdant rainforests and wild, rhythm-filled metropolises, powdery white-sand beaches and stunning people are everything to look forward to this summer. The nature’s spectacular (please go see the red-rock canyons, thundering waterfalls and coral-fringed tropical islands) and dance your nights away with the locals! Obviously, don’t forget to have a cocktail on Copacabana beach and seduce a sexy soccer player!

So… where will you be heading?


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