Golden Ticket: Round The World Travel

Many of us often think about what we’d do if we woke up one day to find out that we’d won the lottery! Often the first thing that pops into people’s heads is to go on holiday, for around two, to three weeks without having to think about the usual cash constraints that other people are bound by but it’s possible to do a round the world trip on a budget too. Round the world travel is also something you’ll be talking about for the rest of your lives holding a far more special place in your heart than say a new kitchen would!

Plan Ahead Of Time

When it comes to deciding where to go start by thinking about all the countries you’d love to visit, you could even watch nature programs or documentaries for inspiration and talk to others about the places they love traveling to the most. Once you’ve got your shortlist sorted it’s then time to think about how you’re going to get around? Will you go from east to west or the other way? How long are you planning on spending in each country, and what are your must-see sights and those you’d be willing to compromise on. Traveling by road is different to flying, cruising or by public transport, so you need to think about whether long drives, RV living and worrying about foreign traffic laws are for you. For example, in Indonesia, if you’re involved in a traffic jam no matter whose fault it is, the bigger vehicle is always at fault.

Set A Budget

It’s all too easy to overspend when traveling, be it unexpected emergencies, falling in love with souvenirs and gifts, wanting to try every single restaurant in the area and splashing out on a better hotel room so you can get some sleep! Remember, if you’ve decided to take a career break, wish to experience a once in a lifetime holiday or have chosen to travel before embarking on parenthood you’re going to need to have saved some funds. However, don’t feel like you can’t travel if you’re a few hundred dollars short! It may be worth taking out a loan or speaking to a financial advisor about secured loans for debt consolidation where you can offset the cost of your home and then use the money to create magical life long memories. Whatever cash you have will dictate what you can do, what sort of visas you apply for and how long you can stay and you won’t just be paying for flights either!

There’s accommodation fees, food, insurance, visas, and vaccinations to think about before you think about spending money. You also need to have some cash put by for emergencies in case you lose your wallet, have your credit card stolen or are charged a ridiculous amount on check out. Be prepared for things to go wrong too, the longer you’re away on a travel adventure, the more likely mishaps are to happen! Always make sure you have a list of emergency numbers, and don’t be afraid to call for assistance if you need help.

Photo source: | Photo credit: Vladyslav Dukhin

Flying High

We all know that flights aren’t cheap but depending on how you do it, it’s possible to save money with a multi-stop ticket which encompasses different airlines. What most people don’t realize is that different carriers belong to rival alliances, so when you pick your direction of travel in advance it’s suddenly much cheaper. Typically basic RTW, or around the world fares cost about $1,500, which means even with their restrictions they can be more profitable than flying from point A, to point B and then onto C. Often prices are calculated by countries, or continents visited so it’s best to always travel forwards as going back on yourself may not be permitted in the ticket terms and conditions.

One way to bring the cost down is by using up any free air miles; you can get these simply by shopping in particular stores or buying products online as well as getting a credit card which offers air miles as a perk. Prices also depend on where you’re starting from. For example, if you live in Europe tickets to Asia, Australia and Canada are cheaper than visiting Africa, and South America so do check your route to see if small alterations could equal extra spending money! Don’t plan a RTW trip for the sake of it. Why not do some volunteering, spend time with the locals and discover what it’s like to live there? Be aware that RTW tickets do expire so make sure you catch the flight home otherwise you’ll be stranded!

Photo source: | Photo credit: Unsplash


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