Traveling with Friends without Losing Said Friends

Traveling with friends can be one of the greatest experiences of all. (Although you shouldn’t underestimate the benefits of traveling alone!) It can bring you closer together and give you great shared memories to refer to in the years afterwards.

But travel can also be pretty stressful. And when things get stressful, you might end up seeing less pleasant elements creep into your friendship. If you want to travel with friends and actually remain friends with them afterwards, check out this guide!

Making the choice

So who do you actually choose to travel with? When you’re traveling with someone, you’re basically going to be with that person all the time, especially if, as with most people who travel together, you’re going to be sharing accommodation. It won’t be easy or even convenient to get space away from each other, so you need to make sure this is someone you can spend a lot of time with. It needs to be someone who you can not only keep up good conversation with, but also share silence with, especially if you’re going on a road trip. That last part is often underappreciated! Make sure they’re considerate and unlikely to whine about things during the trip.


Probably the most sensitive issue there is, money is something you should discuss early to get it out of the way. When you’re making your travel plans, everyone should be clear on what kind of transport and accommodation options people are willing to pay for. You don’t want a situation where most people are willing to pay a lot for some luxurious stay when you’ve got a couple of people who either can’t afford it and don’t want to pay so much. When you’re out there, it might be worth have a joint fund if you’re going to use taxis a lot.


So how exactly are you all going to keep safe? You should all be aware of any health problems a member of the group might have. If someone has allergies that are triggered on the trip, for example, then you all need to know how to deal with it. You need to arrange spots to rendezvous in case you lose each other. You also need to consider the equipment you need to bring and who’s going to bring it. For example, if you’re going backpacking in strange territory, then you need to find out what’s the best backpacking GPS for your situation and how many you’ll need.


Communication can be trickier when you’re abroad than you think. With mobile data overseas often being offensively expensive, you’ll often find yourself relying on Wi-Fi – which means you need means of communication that uses the Internet as opposed to mobile data. Creating a group chat on WhatsApp is probably your best bet, due to its ease of use and how widespread its functionality is. You should all also consider bringing backup phones in case someone loses their phone and someone else steals it. If you lose communication with members of your group, then you need a good plan for how to deal with that situation. Nobody wants to feel like they’ve been abandoned!


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