Make A Wonderful Reunion Out Of Your Next UK Trip

Families travel a long way. It’s just part of their nature to have at least one kid far flung from the group, living a different life. Whether it’s siblings, brothers, or grandparents, it’s important to consider where you came from. When returning the UK to see your family, make sure you’re not making some of the following mistakes that can quickly sour the experience.

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Make sure there are no problems getting in

If it’s been a long time since you’ve come back the isles or you have never actually lived there, then you better be prepared for the lengthy process that can accompany the trip. Using tips on obtaining a Family Visitor Visa UK make sure that you start that process well before the trip. Immigration controls are tight. For instance, you might have to demonstrate a desire to leave the country again. For that reason, you should be prepared for refusals and appeals which you have the right to. Just make sure you’re not caught off guard by failing to consider the possibility.

Don’t let gifts be a problem

It’s not as serious as not being able to get into the country but if you want to make a warm impression on your return, there’s a good chance you’re bringing gifts back with you. Don’t fail to check up on the guidelines of what exactly you can board the plane with. Know your banned goods, from your sweet authentic samurai swords to your gifts made from endangered animal parts. It’s a good idea to expect some questioning on things like alcohol or smoking materials from other countries, too. When in doubt, keep gifts simple, innocuous and innocently sourced.

Expect that friction

If you’ve grown up with the people you’re going to see, then you can expect the honeymoon period of the visit to be relatively short. In little time, things go back to the same banter and bickering as ever. Sibling rivalry and parental cloying are quintessentially British behaviours after all. Don’t let that take the shine off your trip; keep your sanity. Don’t get involved in any old family feuds, as silly as they might seem, and remember how little time you get to spend with the members of the family you’re visiting.

Do something new together

A great way to cherish that time is to do something new with them. If you just go places they’ve gone before, it can feel like a routine. Bonds are better built on shared experiences and experiences are better shared when they’re fresh for everyone involved. If they want to show you some places then, by all means, go along. At the same time, however, organise something like a road trip that keeps the excursion exciting for all involved. The national parks like the Lake District or the Yorkshire Dales can also make for some quintessential but oft ignored British experiences if you don’t want to spend all your time driving as well.

Make sure you’re not skipping any important considerations that could make it more difficult for you to get back in the country. But most importantly, make sure you’re at least somewhat prepared to make the family reunion pleasant. Don’t fall into the trap of wanting to get back on the plane a few hours after you just got off.


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