How to Master Airbnb Hosting

Listing an apartment, a house or a spare bedroom on Airbnb is a great way to earn some extra cash. However, while you expect to get an additional income, you must be prepared to furnish and decorate the interior properly, so that you could set a better price and get positive reviews that will provide you with more renters. Therefore, be sure to check the following tips on how to make your rental space Airbnb worthy.

Think about location and amenities

The only way you’ll be able to earn money from listing the space on Airbnb is if someone actually rents it. And for people to do that, your room, apartment or a house should be in an attractive location, that many people visit and come across. However, even if the location isn’t as desirable as the one downtown, you will still be able to earn some money, though likely less than you hoped for. Furthermore, it’s important that your home offers the amenities travellers seek. The closer the place to the restaurants, public transportation and shops, the better the price you’ll get. If you can provide them with a parking space, an access to a kitchen and a relaxing spot, you’re in for the win. Think even about the smallest details and try to introduce them to your rental space so you could attract as many people.

Create an eye-catching listing

An alluring headline will guarantee a big demand for your place. One compelling line is all the space you need to describe what you have to offer to guests. The more enticing and informative the headline, the better. When it comes to description, try to be honest, detailed and inviting as well. You should inform the potential guests about the number of rooms, types of beds, whether they have the access to the kitchen, TV, garage, a private bathroom, a deck, Wi-Fi and anything you think it’s necessary for them to know. Provide your guests with high-quality photographs, so they can see every inch of the place before they decide to rent it.

mirror-2158034_960_720Decorate the place attractively

Neutral wall colours and natural wooden furniture is the best option for rental apartments, rooms and houses. It’s the most neutral combination, so you can’t go wrong no matter what your target audience is. Add character to the place with a couple of statement pieces, like pottery, paintings and unique furniture. With a variety of textures and patterns, make the house look interesting and appealing. What’s more, all the furniture in the house needs to be functional and in good condition. In case the wardrobe needs fixing, grab your woodworking tools and stop it from squeaking. Make sure there are enough electrical outlets and extension cords for guests to use.

Set a fair price

While no one can tell you how high of a price you should put on the rental space, it’s always good to be rational, so don’t overestimate the location. What’s more, feel free to compare other rentals in the vicinity and see if what you want to ask is too much or too low. Furthermore, look for the hotel charges nearby and try to make the price of your place competitively.


If you’re looking to earn some extra cash and have a spare place to rent, think about listing it on Airbnb. However, bear in mind that your accommodation must be clean, spacious, nicely decorated and generally liveable. Do the research about the accommodation prices nearby, so yours could be fair but profitable. Try to be honest and detailed in your description and don’t hide any drawbacks from the potential guests, but rather try to fix them and offer the guests the best accommodation.





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